Fine Details That Show Off Your Sense of Style


Every person on the planet has their own personal sense of style. It’s something that evolves and develops over time as you learn what you like, what you don’t like and what looks best on your body.

Hair, clothing, and shoes are the centerpieces for a finished look, but when it comes to style, the fine details are sometimes what matter most. That’s when you can really put a personal touch on an outfit. Even if you’re wearing a best-selling ensemble from a popular brand that’s worn by thousands, you can make it your own with smaller accessories. The right accessories also make it easy to switch up your style from season to season.

If you want to cultivate a sense of style that shows off your personality without spending a fortune affordably focus on these finishing details.

Sunnies With Style

Sunglasses can be a practical purchase that serves a functional purpose. Namely, keeping those cancerous, wrinkle-causing UV rays out of your eyes. But they’re also a great way to show off personal style when you’re outdoors.

A great pair of sunglasses can become a signature for your style. For most fashionistas, it’s a matter of balancing affordability with quality. Designers like Privé Revaux do a great job of replicating the latest looks without charging a small fortune. You can get stylish sunnies that can stay in the accessory rotation for years to come.

Get a Stylish Cinch With Unique Belts

In addition to the naval ring, you can draw attention to your mid-section with a unique belt. It’s another accessory that can serve a functional purpose while giving the world a glimpse of your personal style.

Take a page right out of the cowboy’s stylebook with a fancy buckle that begs to be looked at. You can also personalize belts with designs embossed on a leather strap, intricate stitch work and bedazzling that makes your waist pop.

Piercing Jewelry for Your Personality

Piercings have become very trendy, and they’re a surefire way to establish a bold sense of style. Whether it’s your ears, nose, eyebrow or lip, facial jewelry is small but it definitely draws attention. Naval rings are also another way to create a sense of style when you’re donning midriff.

Manicured Nails With Personality

We do a lot with our hands, which means our nails garner a lot of attention. Clean, well-maintained nails always look good, but going bare is kind of boring. Instead, use each digit as an opportunity to express yourself.

The nail industry has exploded in recent years with new shapes, colors, finishes and appliques. A good technician can give you a manicure that’s just as expressive (if not more) than what you’re wearing.  Of course, if your style is laidback and subdued you can always stick with a classic manicure topped off with your favorite color. While you’re at it give your toes some love too if it’s sandal season.

Accessories That Compliment Your Hairstyle

The color, cut and styling of our hair says a lot about our personality. With the right hair accessories, you can play up your style and infuse even more personality into your look.

Hair accessories can range from small, discreet clips to oversized headbands. Before investing in a few accessories, first consider how you normally wear your hair. Use that as a jumping off point for finding the hair accessories that can help establish your everyday sense of style.

The Bag You Bring Everywhere

Let’s be honest. Even though most of us have owned enough handbags and at least one chanel purse to fill a small closet, we typically only use one or two on a day-to-day basis. They quickly become a defining feature of your personal style.

The bag itself makes a statement, but fashionistas that really want to show off their sense of style go a step further with additional accessories. A few buttons on a courier bag will immediately peak people’s interest. Funky straps and charms can also be added to make your bag one-of-a-kind.

These are just a few of the fine details that show off your sense of style. Start with a few of the accessories above to begin adding a personal touch to your outfits.