Finish Your Bathroom Renovations With Caroma Taps


If you have decided to remodel your bathroom, the project can be a daunting one if you’re doing the job on your own. Removing the shower and bath, the toilet, and the washbasin can bebackbreaking work itself, and that is without even replacing what you have removed. But with time and patience, the job can be done. But, bear in mind, you just may have to go without a bath for a couple or few days while you’re installing all of your lovely new pieces!

Along with replacing all of the large expensive pieces, such as the bath and washbasin, you’ll also have to consider what kind of accessories to use to compliment your beautiful new bathroom fixtures?

Chances are you have already selected Caroma branded products for your toilet and washbasin, so you may want to consider the wide variety of Caroma taps the company manufactures as well.

bathroom shower2

Caroma is known for its elegant and innovative taps for baths and washbasins of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s take a look at several attractive and affordable models.

Bath Mixer Taps

If you are looking for an elegant and modern style, the Caroma Marc Newson Wall Bath Mixer is most likely the best fit for your bath. The wall mounted unit comes as a single piece and does not need a cover plate. It is cast in beautiful chrome stainless steel and features a truly unique lever and swivel operation. The model is one of Caroma’s more expensive models, but once you see and experience this elegant bath mixer tap, you’ll realise that it was money well spent.

bathroom shower

The Liano bath mixer tap is one of Caroma’s most popular models because of its overall beauty and low cost. The cylindrical snap of the tap is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, but its modern design also makes it attractive to the eye, giving it a distinctive look with a touch of simple elegance that is the Caroma trademark.

The Track Wall Bath Mixer is the perfect model for individuals who are looking for a more traditional feel to their bathrooms. The Track Wall Bath Mixer is a classic European design that is energy efficient and designed to eliminate dripping. The Track Wall Bath Mixer will compliment your new bath without breaking the bank.

Basin Mixer Taps

If you’ve decided to go with the Caroma Marc Newson Wall Bath Mixer for your bath, why not compliment it with the Caroma Marc Newson Basin Mixer? Made with the same quality products and design, this basin mixer tap is truly a marvel of both design and function.

Basin Mixer Taps

The Liano Nexus Basin mixer is a gorgeous and sophisticated piece of hardware, which will both compliment the Liano bath mixer tap and give your washbasin a distinct and elegant look. The Liano basin mixer is truly unique, and comes in two separate colours of black and traditional chrome.

The Pillar Tower Basin is perhaps one of Caroma’s most interesting and unique washbasin mixer taps. The elongated style of the neck, the bold stainless steel design and solid brass construction makes this particular washbasin water mixer not only durable but will give your washbasin a unique look as well.

To sum up, there are many different varieties of Caroma Taps, all build with ease of use, innovative design and quality in mind. Why not choose Caroma for your next bathroom overhaul and enjoy this great brand in your bathroom.