First birthday party tips for parents


If you have successfully made through the first 365 days of parenthood, then it is time for celebration. Not only your baby’s first birthday is to be celebrated but the efforts you had put over the complete year. All the parents deserve appreciation in some form or another.

Nevertheless, throwing the first birthday party can be a stressful task. It entails a lot of decision making and the hustle and bustle may put a lot of burden on your shoulders. Fortunately, here are some tips that may make it a memorable event and release most of the stress:

  • Keep it short and simple

A birthday party spanning for an hour or two is more than enough. There is nothing as sufficient when it comes to kid in birthday parties. They never get tired when playing games. But it is important to keep it short and simple. Plan out the whole event systematically. Also try to stick on a simple theme. Making it too much fancy can make it complicated as well. Keep the party cohesive with simple colors and designs.

  • A special birthday cake

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean being not at all creative. Make a cake yourself or buy creative birthday cakes. Try to order a customized cake. It must be a perfect combination of taste and aesthetics. However, birthday cakes need to look better than they taste. So spend more on the cake part. You can decorate it with birthday wishes. One can find different ways to wish birthday greetings on

  • Do not overload yourself

It is not at all recommendable to take everything upon you. Learn how to delegate things. Distribute different tasks amongst different people. If you are serving food, then delegate other tasks to your helping hands. Or rather, order the cake to a confectionary. Try to keep as less load as possible to make the event a memorable one. Taking over burden means average results which will not only disappoint you but the guests as well.

  • Take pictures

First birthdays are memorable. The last thing you may want is not able to provide memories to your child about his/her first birthday. Capture each and every possible aspect in a camera and make an album. Take pictures the décor, cake and how guests are engaged in the birthday party. You can even hire a professional photographer to do the job, however, it may incur an additional cost but don’t skip on this aspect since it is important to capture memories in a visual form.

  • Give baby downtime

Babies are cranky and we all know that. Do not force your baby to be social with everyone. Do not force them to smile in front of each and every guest. Let everything be natural. Go along with the mood of your baby. Since they are the little ones, let them have their own room. Providing them as much comfort as they want would help you to focus on different aspects of the birthday party.