Five Apps to Create Videography at Weddings


A couple will always remember their wedding day even without photography and videos, but an abundance of videography tools make it easy to video weddings. With proper editing tools, a videographer can capture the magic in full color. A wedding video is a beautiful and personal way to share a special day with guests who couldn’t attend. Or videos can be saved for family members of the future or anniversaries.

Photographers and videographers have many choices for filming and editing video recordings. Here are five mobile apps that help video pros make beautiful wedding videographies.

1. Animoto

Animoto is a cloud-based mobile app that can be used to create customized videos. A friendly user interface makes it easy to create a slideshow from all the photos taken at the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception. The package includes multiple options for background music that includes most songs played at weddings. In fact, Animoto is so fun and simple that many couples use it to document other special times on their life journey.

The developers at Animoto designed it to be versatile. The mobile app works with iPhones, Androids, and iPad. Many reviews have designated Animoto as one of the most accessible mobile apps on the market. Since Animoto creates a slideshow rather than a full-video, the file size is small enough to share on social media sites.

2. Wedding Video Maker

Wedding Video Maker is a mobile app designed to combine the all the still and moving images into a mesmerizing video story friends will share with friends. Wedding Video Maker is part of Video Studio. The apps in Video Studio all have an editing tool that can be learned quickly and used on smartphones. The Wedding Video Maker uses a wizard to guide users through the choices of text, music, theme, effects, and frame. Everything needed to edit and finish a video is combined in this easy to use app.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is a mobile video app that is easy to use and offers a vast variety of options. WeVideo works on phones, tablets, desktops, and even interactive photo frames. WeVideo focuses on the two parts that make any wedding unique – the visual and the audio – to produce cinematic quality video footage.  

One of the most helpful features is the ability to customize several versions of a wedding video. More conservative guests can see the basic wedding video while closer friends can see a video with on-screen texts of private jokes, special effects, and other fun tidbits.  

4. Magisto

For the fastest videography, look for an instant and interactive editing tool. Magisto has a simple interface that allows wedding guests to edit and post a video on Instagram or Twitter in real time. Using artificial intelligence Magisto automates most of the background work like clarifying fuzzy images while users choose the soundtrack.

Magisto has an optional feature that allows couples to embed their wedding video on their wedding webpage.

5. Apple Final Cut Pro X

For the ultimate in wedding videography tools, look to Apple. Final Cut Pro X from Apple is a professional-level video editing tool. Final Cut goes beyond most videography apps to provide 3D options that can work with Virtual Reality (VR) viewers. Couples with destination weddings will love being able to share their day in VR with guests who couldn’t make the trip.

Other features include color enhancement and special effects. Final Cut Pro X requires a Mac workstation, and it is not as user-friendly as other videography tools. Users who take the time to learn how to use Final Cut are rewarded with high-resolution images that can typically only be seen in professional films. Final Cut Pro X is expensive, but fortunately, Apple offers a free trial.


Weddings are one of the days couples want to remember for a lifetime. This is just a short list of the many videography apps on the market. Mobile apps make it easy to share wedding memories. Time and quality vary.

Magisto allows wedding guests to post a video as the bride walks down the aisle. On the other hand, it may take hours of work with Apple Final Cut X takes hours to perfect their video. The reward is a 3D video experience that uses Virtual Reality to let viewers experience the wedding day just like they were there. There are apps for videography that matches the needs of weddings. And if you are a professional who creates videography for the weddings, looking to serve your client with even better experience can just get your own app that will have your desired features for all your creative needs.