Five Awesome Improvements in Air Conditioning Technology


With the advent of technology, air-conditioning has also seen dramatic improvements. Gone are the days when clunky air-conditioning systems put the more monetary burden on the user while delivering cluttered performance. As the world continues to shift towards energy-conservation, air-conditioning technology has become the main focus of all the green innovators. Even the repairing companies, such as air conditioning repair and service in Sydney, are rapidly adopting advanced air-conditioning technology to revamp the world of air-conditioning for the users. Here is the top five advancements are seen in air conditioning technology:

Advanced heat exchangers:

Loss of refrigeration and mind-numbingly high electricity bills will soon be a thing of the past as the company Optimized Thermal Systems in Maryland is designing advanced heat exchangers. This technology is aimed at minimization of joints in the air-conditioning network of any building or homes. The joints are the main cause of leaks in refrigeration and this new technology will effectively reduce the leakage by 90%. What’s even more thrilling is the design of advanced heat exchange systems which is promised to deliver exactly what air-conditioners are built to do- cooling of living spaces when and as desired.

Programmable thermostats:

Although this technology is still under development and scarcely seen in homes, the programmable thermostats are the future of air-conditioning technology and are rapidly being used in offices. This new air-conditioning innovation allows the users to program the thermostats in such a way as to control the heating or cooling of a room depending upon the certain time of the day. This prevents the continuous cooling or heating of rooms which are not selected in the program.

Utilization of solar energy:

Utilization of solar energy is not a new concept, although it is steering towards advanced development day after day. Air conditioning technology is rapidly shifting to the use of solar panels as an energy source. According to research, the use of solar cells reduces the consumption of natural gas by 70%. Such high savings on natural resources are not only environment-friendly but also less costly for the users. Forget the worry of expensive installation of solar panels as several DIY projects are teaching new and cheaper ways of revamping the installation and usage of solar panels for domestic usage.

Dual temperature control in vehicles:

Motor companies and brands are consistently revamping the vehicle air conditioning systems and making them user-friendly. One such innovation is dual temperature control in vehicles which offers the benefit of maintaining different temperature levels in front and back seats of vehicles. Now the kids can enjoy a cooler ride in the backseats whilst the parents can adjust the temperature to an ambient degree in the front seats.

Smart windows and air vents:

Smart window air-conditioning and smart air-vents are similar yet entirely new advancements made in air-conditioning technology. Smart windows control the temperature fluctuations and complement the action of glazing depending on different times of the day. Smart air vents ensure that an ambient temperature is maintained indoors and eradicate the need of installing expensive split Air conditioners.