Five Important Facts That You Should Know About eCommerce Marketing


There are quite a few things about e-commerce that can be quite exhilarating, as there is nothing quite like growing a successful business and regularly selling products online. Not only does the revenue help with savings, but a well-oiled business selling online products have a habit of snowballing into further and further success. Provided preparations are made, those with aspirations of widespread success in the online marketplace can make use of eCommerce marketing to continue to push their business forward to success.

That said, the quality of one’s products does not necessarily guarantee success when it comes to selling said products online. There are quite a few factors that go into general e-commerce — especially when it comes to marketing. After all, for a business owner selling products online, marketing and maintaining an online image is much more important compared to business owners that provide services through other means.

Considering the general importance of ecommerce marketing, it is only natural to want to learn more about the subject. By taking an active approach and making sure to make ample preparations, it can be much easier than most realize. Here are just five important facts you should know about e-commerce marketing.

The current pandemic has driven more people online than ever before

When going outside to a physical establishment to acquire basic necessities is practically compromised due to the spread of the coronavirus, people all over the world are depending on online services for even their basic needs. Even those who are used to acquiring what they need from physical establishments are forced to have everything delivered, which puts online businesses on a pedestal that they might not necessarily be ready for.

While it is undoubtedly a good thing for those who make use of e-commerce, keep in mind that many others have noticed the shift. More businesses than ever are adapting to the shifting business landscape, which means it can be easy to lag behind the particularly ambitious.

Online reputation management is at the top of the priority list of eCommerce marketing

The reason why the quality of one’s products is not the only deciding factor of a business focused on e-commerce is the fact that an opinion online can hold plenty of weight. Even the opinion of someone looking only to damage the reputation of an online company will be taken at face value by many other people, coloring their perspective. With the rise of cancel culture, a few bad reviews could end up with a steep decline in sales due to the habit of the Internet masses to gang up on a particular business due to one reason or another. Online reputation management serves to preemptively stop such things from happening by encouraging potential supporters to write positive reviews, alongside other marketing strategies.

Online shoppers spend as much on brand sites as they do on thriving marketplaces

While it would always be a good idea to have good relations with marketplace companies that could spread one’s products to a wider audience, it does not change the fact that a business website for products is still ideal. Online shoppers have a habit of spending just as much on brand sites as they do anywhere else, and many can be easily convinced by simply having a site that is easy to navigate

Taking the time to ensure that a website is built properly can be just as effective as signing up with online marketplaces such as Amazon. Many shoppers prefer a more personalized experience, which is why they often enjoy purchasing items at the source — especially since most of the time, purchasing items from the source can lead to special discounts. 

Most visitors only give websites a few seconds to catch their attention

One of the trickiest parts of marketing in general is that most visitors will only give websites a few seconds to catch their attention. If it fails to provide anything meaningful within the window, most people will decide to tab out of the website, making a mental note not to return. It is the reason why finding a way to show potential consumers the message of one’s business within the first ten seconds is critical to success. 

Aside from making a website easy to navigate, it would also be a good idea to let visitors know what the online business is about within ten seconds. Getting straight to the point seems like something that is easily neglected and overlooked, but can provide a tremendous amount of revenue for those who take the time to do things right.

eCommerce marketing is about taking advantage of the price-conscious shopper

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to most shoppers online, the general price of an online item undoubtedly matters — alongside the shipping price, as well as any potential discount. One can have their general prices be as competitive as possible, but if the shipping is still too much, it can deter many shoppers from giving it a try. The trouble with competitive pricing is a business could end up losing out on revenue if it is their only method of competing against other stores.

Another problem comes from selling something that many other online shops sell. If it is the same make and model, one cannot expect to move a lot of the product. Taking advantage of the price-conscious shopper is about providing products unique to one’s store, paired with a potential discount. Even if a business cannot compete with others when it comes to price, exclusive items can help sweeten the deal.

The exciting thing about ecommerce marketing is that for the online business owner, success in marketing means success in general. After all, if the only thing an online store owner wants to do is market their products, success in the field means they will sell more of their products, resulting in a boost in popularity and sales. Taking advantage of social media as well as the facts above can help provide the ideal results for anyone running an online store.