Five interior designs that await us in 2021


This year we have experienced so many changes that affected our lives, and everyone is having a hard time planning ahead. The outbreak of the virus COVID-19 completely changed the way we live and also had a huge impact on the way we design, decorate, and use our homes. But that doesn’t leave us without any trends. Check out these interior designs that will be trendy for the next year.

1. Arts and crafts

Because of the pandemic, we have more time at home and that gives us an opportunity to DIY (do-it-yourself) at home. Thus giving us a lot of free time and a chance to be more creative. A good idea is to start decorating most of your furniture pieces by yourself and add more personal design to your house. Experiment with ceramics, paints, knitting, macrame technique, and many more homemade ideas. This process can teach you to use your time more productively and save up money.

2. Natural textures

In most DIY projects, people increasingly turn to use natural style and texture for the interior design in the house. The rustic style will be the new trend. Use authentic and imperfect natural materials and avoid materials like porcelain with a marble look and smooth artificial surfaces. The materials like wool, linen, wood, and stone will be most likely included in interior designs for the upcoming year.

3. Bright cheerful colors


As everything looks gloomy and sad during the pandemic, we should do our best to bring brighter and cheerful colors in our homes. Since we spend more time at home, the last thing that we want is our interior to look dull and depressed. Trends in interior designs will move away from neutral shades of grey, black, and white. Now is the best time to add yellow, red-green, and other cheerful colors in our homes. These colors can be sometimes overwhelming, but if used in the right way, they will completely refresh and cheer up the room, as well as the people in it.

4. Everyday luxury

Our everyday priorities have changed this year, so it is not so important to Our everyday priorities have changed a lot this year. It is not so important to buy nice lipsticks or bags, because we don’t use them that often. That’s why we will switch to more ”home” joys. We should invest more in buying things like scented candles, air fresheners, soft blankets that can bring more luxury into our lives. Most likely, our money will be spent on small good pleasures, like new beddings, fun designs of pillows, and unique chandeliers.

5. Shopping in a local area

Another thing that has been noticed in recent months is the increase in buying products from local factories and manufacturers. Buying from local businesses is not just good for helping them grow, you will check the quality of the product before you order it and delivery delays won’t be something you should worry for. There is a higher interest in domestic furniture manufacturers, local shops for decor and other details, and it will keep increasing during the next year as well.