Five Must-Have Summer Wardrobe Pieces for Athletic Women


Summer can get too hot sometimes, even if your mot ambitious plan is lounging on a beach. If you’re someone who can’t sit still, lives for adventure, and loves to partake in sports all summer long, things are about to get much hotter.

For those women who strive to sink a ball on the links, give it their all on the tennis court, or even go full contact in a rugby game, having the right wardrobe pieces to stay cool and comfortable is essential. Here are five must-have summer wardrobe pieces for athletic women.

Walking Shorts

What makes walking shorts so great is their ability to be worn in a professional office setting, out to lunch with friends, or on the golf course. They are designed to be a bit longer, providing coverage for those who prefer it, with the hem at knee-length. These are perfect for those who wish to stay cool in the office during the summer but dislike skirts.

Walking shorts are ideal for many summer sports, as their length prevents chafing and is deemed acceptable by most golf course dress codes. Opt for a pair in monochromatic tones or liven things up with a bold color or print.

Track Jacket

The casual track jacket look has made a comeback as a high-fashion accessory that works in all settings. Wear it as a functional piece on cool, cloudy days as you run errands or engage in training for your next race. Look for functional pieces that don’t just look like a track jacket, but have a technical weave and wind and water resistance.

While the modern track jacket trend seems to be leaning toward the pullover style with a partial front zipper, you can also find zip-up jackets if that’s the style you prefer. Believe it or not, the color block look is also coming back, if monochromatic is too dull for your active personality.

High-waisted Leggings

Leggings have been an enduring trend over the past few years, with new styles and design elements keeping the trend alive. High-waisted trends have made a name for themselves due to the comfort they offer in addition to coverage.

This coverage is a blessing for athletic women who experience a lot of multiplanar movement during their workouts, as it keeps the abdomen covered even when a shirt slips away. Whether you’re setting up for a bench press, doing handstand pushups, or perfecting your downward facing dog, high-waisted leggings are a must-have piece.

Moisture-Wicking Polo Shirt

Moisture-wicking material is a blessing for both athletes and those sensitive to the summer heat. Having a moisture-wicking polo shirt is ideal for hitting the tennis court, the golf links or an office with insufficient air conditioning.

Moisture-wicking material not only helps to keep you cool while you go about your day, but it also helps keep your skin clean, preventing body acne caused by clogged pores as a result of sweat. While it would be lovely to leave our acne behind in the days of our youth, unfortunately, that isn’t a reality for many women.

Edgy Sports Bra

Gone are the days of a sports bra looking boring and feeling unflattering. Now, sports bras maintain the comfort they’re known for while adding structure and style, rather through bold colors or crisscrossing straps that you’ll want to show off.

Having an edgy sports bra on can make you feel a little more comfortable wearing a tank top to the gym or changing into a jersey on the rugby pitch. You can wear them under a blouse at work with no one being the wiser.

Having the right gear for summer athletics makes it easy to get moving. Pick up a few of these must-have pieces and get ready to have your best summer yet!