Five Products to Make Your Home More Sustainable


Contemporary life is wasteful. We buy things we don’t need. We throw away food. We consume too much. It is difficult to make a difference in the world, but you always have the chance to improve yourself and your home. It’s easy to throw up your hands and blame corporations for environmental degradation and climate change, but if you do that you will be missing the point. Everyone needs to do their best to create a more sustainable world. No area where all can do that is by focusing on the home, where no one is watching. Continue reading below for five products that will help you make your life and home more sustainable.

Paper Towels

Think about how many paper towels we all use. It’s one of the most common household products, and for good reason. They are very helpful to us. Paper towels are made from trees that are cut down. The type of trees that we use take in a lot of carbon dioxide from the environment and turn it into clean, breathable oxygen. 

Trees provide a natural way to fight global warming. The more trees there are on Earth, the less the climate will change. That’s why it’s good to use alternative paper towels. Recycled paper towels are available, providing a great way to cut back on the impact you have on the environment.

Toilet Paper

Another paper product that has alternatives available is toilet paper. We use a lot of toilet paper too. One great option for sustainable and durable toilet paper is bamboo. Bamboo is an alternative used for a lot of paper products because it is much more environmentally friendly. Bamboo is abundant and it is quite durable.

Bamboo toilet paper can be stronger than the traditional paper. It might be more expensive and it’s probably not as soft, but it will last a lot longer and have much less of an impact on our planet. Do you really need that ultra-wasteful toilet paper? Give the bamboo alternative a shot.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions aren’t exactly known for being good for the environment. People say that eco-friendly cleaning products aren’t as good as the toxic ones, but is this true? The impact that these products have on our bodies and the world at large outweighs their ability to clean surfaces. With plenty of environmentally friendly cleaning products to choose from, you don’t need to purchase harmful and damaging products. 

You should always look at the ingredients of these products and do your best to buy from companies that don’t dump these chemicals into our water. Not all the highly chemical cleaning products are bad, but in general we could do a lot better by choosing sustainable alternatives. Those products are better for your health and the environment.

Wool Dryer Balls

Think about how many dryer sheets you use every year. They add up quickly. Instead of using wasteful dryer sheets, you should think about switching to an effective alternative. Wool dryer balls can be used again and again. Not only are they reusable, but these dryer balls also cut down on the time it takes clothes to dry, saving you money on your power bills. When you are using less energy to dry your clothes, you are doing what’s right for the environment. Wool dryer balls are a small step into the right direction.

Reusable Bags

In some states, you pay for the bags you are using but just because there is a tax on the bags doesn’t mean it’s doing much good for the environment. It is a much better idea to invest in some reusable bags for the grocery store. In general, avoiding plastic is a good idea. Even the paper bags are made from trees that take in carbon dioxide. You should also think about doing away with the plastic garbage bags. There are plenty of other ways to dispose of your garbage without using the plastic. It’s unnecessary to use them.

You don’t have to break the bank with eco-friendly alternatives. Most of them last longer and pay for themselves. Being wasteful doesn’t help your wallet as much as you think it does. In the end, we all live on this planet and are all affected by environmental degradation. It’s important to us in any way we can. Sticking to these sustainable products is just a start.