Five Seriously Simple Home Decor Tips for Newlyweds


Married life represents an adventure.

Moving in together for the first time as newlyweds can be an incredibly exciting and romantic experience. That being said, putting your new home together can be quite daunting, especially if you lived apart prior to tying the knot.

While there are plenty of adjustments to make when it comes to married life, you shouldn’t let home décor represent a headache or potential source or stress, should you?

But how can you possibly decorate an entire home without getting overwhelmed? What if you’ve accumulated a bunch of junk over the years, or you’re splitting at the seems with new items and appliances from your wedding registry?

First of all, relax.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be stressful or cost an arm and a leg. Instead, keep the following five tips in your back pocket as a means of simplifying your décor and setting yourself up for a happy, health home life together.

Start with the Essentials

Now, there are some pieces within the home that you simply can’t afford to skimp on. Think about it: your new home should represent a fresh start, and you should therefore bring in some new pieces that signal a shift from your days as a bachelor.

Sure, you want to save money in your quest to decorate, but don’t be afraid to splurge on the essentials. For example, a white finished panel bedroom set could give your home some much-needed sophistication: likewise, you should also have high quality pieces in the kitchen (think: the dining table) and living room (such as your sofa). While you should most certainly strive to stay within a budget, think of these pieces as investments in your home.

Think in Terms of Investments

Speaking of investments, your décor is a prime way to increase your home value and make your house look like a million books simultaneously.

While setting up your new space, consider whether or not you’re going to start a family now or need a new place a few years down the line. You should be prepared to take any high-ticket items with you, but also strive to modernize your plumbing and lighting fixtures as an added bonus to your living space when it’s time to sell. By investing in your décor now, you won’t have to worry about it down the road.

Rely on Your Registry

If you’re still in the planning phases of your wedding, you should strive to use your wedding registry as an opportunity to accumulate the odds and ends you’ll need when you move in together. Such items may include any combination of the following:

  • Modern appliances
  • Kitchen items, such as dishes and bar ware
  • Cleaning products, such as high-quality vacuums, to actually keep your space clean

Such items are prime for your registry and allow you to get rid of any older items you’ve accumulated over the years. Don’t be afraid to ask for such items: after all, that’s what your registry is for.

Get Thrifty

Secondhand décor and vintage shopping are all the rage right now, so don’t be afraid to go antique hunting from time to time. You may be surprised as the sort of vintage décor you can find when you shop around.

Think “Less is More”

Finally, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of decorating your home, you need to have a certain degree of self control. Talk with your spouse about wants versus need and don’t needlessly blow out your budget. Really, it’s that simple.

Decorating your home should an adventure, not a newlywed nightmare. By focusing on the essentials and knowing exactly how to save on décor, you’ll create a much happier home space for the long-term.