Five Services That Can Simplify Your Life


With the way the internet and many other services have moved to more and more granular delivery options, it is tempting to think that digital existence has made so much so simple that many bigger businesses are just no longer necessary. Why do record companies still need to be here if you can just upload to Spotify to find an audience? Why deal with passport control and port services if you can get pre-cleared online by security agencies. Yet despite all the ways that the world has become simpler, we do still need larger businesses with broad specialisms for pulling many widely divergent tasks into one single office.

    • Estate Agents

While many of us have heard horror stories from friends and family members, the truth is that estate agents are still very much the backbone of the residential purchasing process. The range of legal expertise required makes them a functional necessity. This comes along with the many advantages they provide with all the steps needed to effectively advertise your property to a large enough audience, negotiate with prospective buyers effectively, check safety standards, and make sure to paint your property in the best possible light.

    • Freight Forwarders

Many businesses believe that simply setting up a commercial post office and negotiating with logistics firms is enough to be able to turn their local or regional firm into an effective international business. The reality is far more complex. Again, the biggest obstacle here is legal, but if it were just the laws of one country then maybe a business could really handle this in-house by themselves. The reality is however that with the world’s 194 UN member countries, and the dozens of overlapping international legal systems and safety standards on top of that, and that isn’t even mentioning maritime law, it is much simpler to bring in a firm that knows what they are doing. That is where freight forwarding companies come in.

    • Philanthropy Agents

A lesser-known sector, but one that is vitally important. It is one thing to want to make a difference in the wider world with your wealth. It is quite another to know how to do that effectively. How do you navigate between charities that are having a real global impact, or the ones who will just squander your coins in administrative busywork. Worse still, what about the charities who are somehow not able to solve local poverty problems, yet seem to keep their director’s BMWs in good condition. This is where philanthropy consultancy firms come in. Harmonizing all the research and intelligence that is needed to make giving charitably effective, these people will make sure your money goes where it is needed most.

    • Web Marketing

It is very important to note that ‘web marketing’ means something very different from ‘web design’. A semi-industrious teenager with a modicum of concentration skills can learn how to create a website over a weekend, or even potentially an afternoon. But when it comes to marketing a website, selling an internet service, for that you need a collection of well-harmonized professionals. People who understand everything from logo design to click-through trends. People who can explain in full the advantages of search engine optimization vs pay per click adverts, and how best to implement each of them. People with the contacts, technology, and experience to make your business something more than just a backwater website, but a real living and breathing web-based experience.

    • Travel Agents

The processes involved in crafting a perfect holiday are complex and various. For many of us we mistake ‘travel agents’ with ‘package holiday salesmen’ but the truth has many more layers. Professional travel agents are people who listen to you. Who come to understand you. Who learn what you enjoy, what you want, and how you best relax. One of the ways that most of us relax is by leaving the details to someone else to worry about. With the ability to negotiate flights, discount hotels, and create itineraries of items of local interest, travel agents are still very much worth it.

The internet has certainly been a disruptive force, and has left many industries dead, or dying in the dust of granular service provision. Lots of us have been convinced that the digital revolution can turn us all into jacks of all trades, and in the end that’s all we need. For some sectors that is true, but for others there is still plenty of value in getting a professional to do it for you. Don’t just let a website handle it. Get a human being to do the real legwork.