Five States Where Exercising Outside is a Way of Life


When it comes to exercising, some cultures lend themselves better to working out better than others. The United States is a varied and diverse country where you can find places that emphasize health and other places that just couldn’t care less about it. Whether you are thinking about moving, are interested in diving deeper into the culture of your state, or just want to work out while you’re traveling, below are five states where exercising isn’t just a habit, but a way of life.


California is a state that has it all. It has miles upon miles of coastline. It has mountains. It has deserts. It has Hollywood. Whether you are looking for a great place to exercise outdoors or somewhere you can get motivated by the work out culture, look no further than California. California can be vain, but it leads to healthier people. Whether you are focused on getting healthier or want to immerse yourself in the hills, trails, mountains, and desert of California, it is a great place to find yourself working out.


Colorado is a similar place to California in the way that there is a lot of nature and an active culture. The weather in Colorado isn’t as sunny as California, but it does provide the variety for all kinds of different outdoor activities. Whether you are hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, or running along park trails in the spring, Colorado is an amazing place to live and get healthy. Not only is there no shortage of great destinations to exercise outdoors, but there are also great gyms. Are you looking for gyms in Aurora, CO, Fort Collins, or Boulder? You can find the right gym in Colorado.


Utah has many national parks for a state of its size. The whole southern section of the state is dotted with amazing scenery fit for working out. Whether you want to go rock climbing, hiking, or mountain biking, few places beat Utah. People flock to the southern portion of the state to enjoy all the outdoors that Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Capitol Reef have to offer. Furthermore, the Mormon culture in the state emphasizes health in their religion, providing support when you want to stop drinking and become healthier.

New York

Like California, New York is a center of entertainment, fashion, and metropolitan culture. This makes the state one of the best places for gyms in the world. There is no shortage of great gyms where you can find a trainer, go to spin class, experience hot yoga, or do another form of exercise that can get you working out in a meaningful way. New York is a state where there are more beautiful people than just about anywhere else. With so many fit and good-looking people around, you will be more motivated to get out of the house and hit the gym. It’s a culture that emphasizes gyms because the city is big and getting out and into isn’t something people want to do often.


Finally, Alaska is a place where you can’t avoid rugged nature. There is no divorcing yourself from the elements in Alaska. This makes it a place where getting a workout isn’t tough. Whether it’s hiking during the summer or shoveling snow during the winter, Alaska has a landscape that won’t allow you to be lazy. Of course, you will spend a lot of time inside during the winter but there are all kinds of ways to get your workout in.

When you are looking for somewhere to live a more active lifestyle, the five states above can help you become healthier because you will have opportunities to exercise. Whether it’s finding a fancy gym in New York or California or getting outside in Colorado and Utah, there are all kinds of different ways to use the culture of these states to motivate and inspire you.

Some states don’t emphasize activity as much as the ones above, but you could argue that it is just a product of the state’s landscape and people. Whatever you are looking for, there is a state where you can find your perfect balance. The places above can push you to get it done!