Five Sustainable Products You Should Look Into


We all know that the way the majority of people live is unsustainable. Corporations meet our unsustainable desires by even less sustainable actions. The result is environmental degradation, an increasingly alarming amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and the warming of our planet. Instead of wallowing in the fact that individuals only make up a portion of these problems, we can all do our best to become a part of the solution. Not only will choosing sustainable products cut down on your personal carbon footprint, but you will also be supporting ethical and sustainable businesses while you’re at it. Here are five sustainable products you should look into.

Start with Bamboo

By far one of the best alternatives to plastic and paper products is bamboo. Everything from toothbrushes to toilet paper and paper towels is available in bamboo. For centuries, bamboo has been used to make fabrics and textiles. There is even a bamboo pillow. Not only is bamboo stronger and more durable than products made from other trees, but it is also an extremely sustainable resource. Use bamboo to avoid plastic and cutting down trees that we need to produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Whatever you are looking for, you can probably find it in a bamboo version of the product.

Wool Dryer Balls

Another easy way to save resources is to buy wool dryer balls. All you have to do is throw these balls in with your clothing in the dryer, and they will save money on electricity. They are very effective. How long do dryer balls last? Wool dryer balls can be used around 1,000 times, which means that if you do one load a week, they’ll last you for 20 years. They can last so long and cut down on countless hours of laundry drying time, as they can help your clothes dry faster. Electricity uses fossil fuels to produce energy. The more electricity you use, the larger your carbon footprint is, but switching to wool dryer balls can help minimize that usage.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are a great option to make your household more sustainable. These appliances save water and electricity. For example, a smart dishwasher or laundry washer will save a lot of energy and water. A smart refrigerator provides all kinds of benefits. Furthermore, a smart thermostat is an amazing way to control the temperature of your home from wherever you are. This enables you to turn the thermostat up or down before you get home so that it is comfortable when you arrive — without having to have it turned on all the time.


One of the areas that people are focusing on is sustainability in clothing. When you are buying clothing, you should think about how trustworthy the brand is, where your clothing was made, and what material it was made out of. Buying new clothes should be conscious and aware. Purchase nice clothing that is made well, ethical, and sustainable. Then you will take care of the clothes because you spent more on them and want to keep the clothing around for a while. You can also purchase second-hand and vintage clothing. This way, you won’t have to worry about who made it, what it was made out of, and if it was a sustainable process. Whatever kind of fashion you are into, there are plenty of sustainable clothing options.

Solar Panels

This one may be obvious, but buying solar panels is a better investment than you may think. If you spend enough money on multiple panels, you will be able to not just pay for your own electricity. You may even be able to make some money by producing more energy than you use and selling it back to the power grid. Solar panels are an initial investment that is significant, but over time you will save so much that you may actually make money from it.

It’s necessary for all of us to do our best to lower our carbon footprint. It doesn’t matter that you know corporations make up the most environmental damage and degradation. It’s up to you to choose to support the right companies who produce ethical and sustainable products. The options are growing. There are more sustainable products than ever before. The most important thing is to change your mindset. When you keep the planet in mind, you will be able to make choices on these matters more easily.