Five Things Every Master Bedroom Needs


Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time, so why make it boring and dull? A few simple tweaks in your bedroom can make it look like a dream in reality that you won’t feel like to sleep.

A master bedroom is the place where you spend most of your “comfort and cosy moments”, so there is a need to make this place all the more happier, bright, attractive, lively and most importantly comfortable. There are certain things which can add instant glamour and comfort in your cosy personal space.

Let’s have a look on what can make your bedroom look like a dream majestic reality!

A Comfortable Rug: If you don’t wish to ruin your happy mornings by stepping into a cold and creaky floor, then you must have a comfortable rug running beside your bed. This way you are actually doing yourself a favour by making sure that your first step of the day is comforting and cushy. A rug can add to the style appeal of your master bedroom, by also making it a lot more cosy and comfortable. You can theme up the colour of your rug by matching it to theme colour of your room or else you can match it up with the colour of walls, curtains or even the shade of the bed cover.

Great Pair of Mattresses: Your bedroom can never be a “perfect bedroom”, if it lacks on a good and comfortable mattress. After all, quality sleep is required to fully appreciate the beauty of the room as well as to properly manage the routine tasks of the day. A mattress that keeps you cool and maintains your body spine structure is required for not exerting too much pressure on the back. You can choose the best of mattress that matches up with the bed frame and headboard of your bed. According to an online portal about choosing the best mattress,, a comfortable and cosy mattress can surely convert your bedroom into a comfortable space. Choosing the perfect mattress will help you attain a sound sleep, as well as it will also aid in maintaining the proper balance and providing correct support to your spine.

Throw Pillows: Never to forget the importance of throw pillows to make your bed feel all the sumptuous, comfortable and inviting for a good and restful sleep. Although, the perfect number of throw pillows varies, depending upon the size and dimensions of your bed, the sweet spot is usually said to be ranging between 2-6 throw pillows. As some people also like to read in the night, as their usual habit before sleeping, throw pillows and proper cushioning can provide the right amount of comfort required at the back while reading.

Your valued and loved possessions: Where can you put all your special belongings and still make the place look attractive? It’s your bedroom! If you always have been worried of where to put all your acquired and prized possessions, then you just have found a new place to display them; it’s your bedroom. Make sure that you decorate them with proper alignment and by using lots of creativity to reveal their real purpose; that is to make you smile and happy.

No Tech Gadgets: The bedroom is meant for sleeping! And what would you need while you are sleeping? Not a smartphone or tech gadgets at least. This is applicable for a television set also. By using tech gadgets like mobiles in bedroom, it can make you stay up for a longer period of time and taking the time away from your required peaceful sleep. It will keep your mind to drift and think longer before you can fall asleep. It’s difficult to keep aside all these tech gadgets, especially in a world where everything now is inter-connected via internet. But, if you leave your every “I “thing or tech gadgets at the door, it will make you a lot happier and peaceful than ever before.

The above factors can make or break the “comfort feel” of your master bedroom. Therefore always keep a check and ensure that your master bedroom is a cosy, lively and comfortable space.