Five Things To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel


Remodeling your bathroom isn’t just adding value to your home. This move updates your bathroom style, making it more comfortable and adapted to your current needs. It also introduces improvements that will serve your whole family for the coming years.

If you are planning to do some bathroom remodeling, here are some of the essential things to consider to improve your bathroom’s comfort, functionality, and storage.


Lighting Improvement

Bathrooms don’t have much natural light source. Thus, it needs better lighting. Consider upgrading your current lighting system to enhance the mood and functionality of your bathroom space.

The first thing to remember is that the main light should be dimmer. Taking a bath in full artificial light isn’t fun, and a dimmer light can set the right mood. Consider adding more lights around the mirror to get the best lighting possible. It helps a lot on applying make-up, shaving, doing your hair, or any task that needs more light.

Additionally, it is best to add lighting in the shower instead of adding lights around it. You will find it more enjoyable and safe if the shower is lighter properly.

Consider Adding Window in the Shower

Humidity is one of the reasons why it is hard to maintain a clean bathroom. It often gets trapped in space due to lack of ventilation. While a nice bathroom fan helps a lot in neutralizing humidity, natural ventilation is still the best option.

Installing a window in the shower will help you keep a clean bathroom that is free of mildew and mold. The natural ventilation is more effective when you leave the door open after using it. A window also lets the natural light to enter, providing your shower with safety and aesthetic consideration.

It is better to discuss the right type of window with an architect or contractor. Also, it is important to slant the sill downward to keep the water from getting stuck and install a frosted glass to maintain privacy.

Shower Floor Should be Textured

There are tons of tile, wall, and flooring options to make when you are remodeling your bathroom. However, the crucial part is choosing the right tiling of the shower area.

Always go for small, textured tiling for your shower. It adds an extra grip to keep you from slipping once the floor gets wet and soapy. Modern bathroom tiles use grouts that resist stains, molds, and humidity, hence, it is easy to clean.

Ideally, using porcelain and ceramic tiles provides various designs and styling possibilities by mixing and matching different colors.

Upgrade Plumbing Drain Pipes to 2-Inch

This small improvement can make a big difference in your bathroom drainage system. Usually, the drain plumbing in bathrooms is 1 ½ to 1 ¼ inch PVC plastic pipe. The size of this drain pipe can clog easily, particularly for a family that is using the same shower or bath. Using 2-inch pipes will significantly improve the quality of the bathroom drainage system at the same cost.

Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Installing a recessed medicine cabinet a few inches inside the wall, above the vanity will provide additional storage space and better looks. This design is useful if your vanity is located on the shallower part of the bathroom. It will give you enough space to bend over when you are using the sink if you use a recess in the wall. Too, you don’t need to worry about bumping your head on the edge of the mirror.

Extra Tip: Choose the Right Toilet According to Your Needs

Give your bathroom a stylish and clearer look by installing a hidden-tank toilet. The tank of this toilet is mounted inside the wall, which is ideal for small bathrooms.

If you want to conserve water, choose the toilet with lowest GPF or Gallons Per Flush. These toilets are called low-flow. It helps save water and increases the value of your home after remodeling. Low-flow is suitable for all styles of bathroom, especially in contemporary and modern bathrooms.

Some toilet offers more functionality than most people have across their bathroom. If you don’t mind investing more money for a comfy experience, you can go for something that can give you that “Japanese toilet experience” with the best toilet/bidet combo that flushes automatically and has heated seat.

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