Five Things to Look for in a Plumber


Plumbing can be one of the most costly things to install or fix in a home. For those who plan on building or renovating, spending time finding a great plumber is a worthwhile investment. For those facing an emergency plumbing situation, finding a plumber with experience who can respond quickly is key.

Finding a great plumber means getting value for your investment and working with someone you trust. Here are five things to look for in a plumber.


Reviews and Recommendations

While a lot can be said for accolades and special certifications, looking at reviews and recommendations is the first step to finding a great plumber. In the social media age, nothing stays hidden when it comes to how a business operates. Ask around and read reviews online.

When looking at reviews, look for details beyond a job being done at a reasonable cost. For example, Mr. Splash– a plumber St George residents highly recommend online– is often regarded for doing a thorough tidying of their job site before leaving and respecting your home. It’s these finer details that show that a business values its customers.


People looking for a plumber often overlook insurance. However, this aspect of a business plays a crucial role in protecting your home and yourself. For example, are you covered if the plumber accidentally breaks something during installation? Mistakes can happen to even the most experienced professionals. Furthermore, are they covered in the event that they slip on the water caused by a leak and incur physical damage?

Having insurance in place is a sign of professionalism and forethought. Most insured plumbing agencies will indicate coverage on their business website. If you can’t find information about their insurance by browsing or asking, it’s best to steer clear.

Available Hours

Plumbing emergencies don’t always happen conveniently during the work week. When a pipe bursts or a drain backs up during the evening hours or in the middle of a long weekend, it’s not feasible to wait until the next business day to get it fixed.

Look at what hours your potential plumber has listed and if they do emergency calls. In addition to their working hours, take a look at their response time. Are they usually able to have someone stop by within a few hours or is it a long turn-around period?

Years of Experience

Take a look at the years of experience the business has to offer. There are a few different things to look at here. First, how many years the business has been in operation. Next, look at the collective years of experience offered by the business. Keep in mind that collective years of experience might mean a combination of one experienced plumber and multiple journeymen or apprentices.

Price Transparency

Pricing should be obvious and transparent, with prices listed online and written quotes. An experienced plumber will be able to give an accurate estimate of how long a job should take and what it should cost. The exception being any surprise issues that arise during the process.

Online pricing should, at the very least, show emergency visit fees and hourly labor charges. Many plumbers won’t give a quote until they are able to look at the problem and determine the best course of action; don’t be deterred if you can’t get a quote before someone takes a look. When looking at pricing, also look at the warranty and coverage on the work being completed or supplies used.

When trying to find the right plumber, trust what their other customers say and do some comparison shopping. When you find the right plumber, do them a favor by recommending them to others as well.