Five Tips For The Beginner Quilter


Are you new to quilting? It can be quite a steep learning curve. From choosing the right materials and sewing machine to getting the seams just right and selecting an appropriate pattern, it can be more challenging than it looks to get the result you’ve been hoping for. With that in mind, here are five tips aimed at helping resolve some common issues for beginner quilters so that you can avoid some of the most frequently-seen errors and produce a quilt that won’t fail to impress. 


1.Wash Your Fabric First

One of the most common problems spotted by newbie quilters is that their fabric colors begin to run. This can easily be prevented by properly preparing your fabric before you use it. In fact, it’s a key step that you shouldn’t miss out when you embark on a new quilting project. When you’re using machine washable fabrics, you should always wash them first before you begin cutting and sewing. This will remove many of the chemicals used during the fabrication process. This is especially important if you’re using dark colors like red which can bleed later. Washing will also prevent any shrinkage of your quilt.

2.Select A Simple Pattern

As we’ve already mentioned quilting can be quite complex so don’t bite off more than you can chew straight away. Select a simple pattern that won’t prove to be too challenging. If you choose too difficult a pattern you’ll find the seams won’t match and the finished article won’t lie flat. 

3.Purchase Sufficient Fabric

One common problem encountered by new quilters is that they run out of fabric before finishing their quilt. This means that you either can’t finish your chosen item or you have to use a non-matching material to finish it off, which results in a strange-looking quilt. You can’t rely on there being any of your chosen fabric left in the store at a later date if you run out, so make sure that you always purchase more fabric than you think you need I the first place. There are a lot of quilting books which offer you helpful tips to estimate the amount of material you’ll require for your project. Always add an additional half yard to this and then you’ll be certain of the result you desire.


4.Press Your Fabrics Properly

You might be surprised to learn that pressing is an essential skill when you’re making a quilt. Although the difference good pressing can make is subtle, it can help you to get the result you desire rather than an unprofessional unattractive finish. If you don’t press your fabric properly, you’ll find that your blocks could be skewed which makes the joins and seams offset. Don’t press so hard that the fabric stretches and warps. Wrinkled fabric stretches out when you sew the pieces together and make the block an incorrect size. However, stretched fabric also shrinks back, messing up your block too. You should blot the fabric gently when pressing, swiping gently from side to side. Don’t be afraid to use steam to get rid of stubborn wrinkles.

5.Use The Right Sewing Machine

You’ll need to choose a sewing machine that’s suitable for quilting and which provides precise stitches. A cheap or poor quality sewing machine won’t get the result that you desire. You’ll really need a long arm sewing machine to get the result you desire for your quilt due to the large size of the pieces you’ll be working on. Since there are lots of different models available for sale, it can be hard to know which one to choose. The best advice is to visit to get all the information you require to select a model which is ideal to suit your requirements so your quilt can look perfect every time.

Follow these five top tips, and you’ll find that your first few quilting projects aren’t as difficult or complicated as you expected them to be. Although quilting isn’t the easiest hobby out there, it’s certainly one of the most rewarding and when you finish your first perfect quilt, you’ll get a great sense of achievement. These expert tips will point you in the right direction for success.