Five tips to clean your house during the pandemic


As the new COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more people are looking for a way to protect themselves from the infection. It is recommended to wash your hands well and avoid close contact with sick people, but there other things that you can do, such as thoroughly cleaning your home. Here are some five tips to help you out for cleaning the house.


First clean and then disinfect

Cleaning removes dirt and bacteria from the surface, and the use of special disinfectants is strongly advised. Both cleaning and disinfection can reduce the risk of spreading the virus, but is important to clean the surface first and then disinfect it. It is not enough to just remove the dirt, you need to kill the viruses. Disinfectants with alcohol are best advised, but household bleach can also be used. it contains sodium hypochlorite, but should be diluted with cold water. Surfaces that are visibly dirty should be first cleaned with soap and water and only then disinfected.

Disinfect the surfaces that you use most often

First, pay attention to the tables, door handles, light switches, and other every day used surfaces. In some surface areas, the virus can live for 24 hours, but some can even last for three days. It is strongly recommended to clean regularly: handles, table surfaces, chairs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, toilet bowl, as well as the handle for pulling water and toilet shell. Pay attention to which things you use the most. It is best to clean them by removing the dust first with a soft cloth, and the dirt should be removed with a microfiber cloth which is sprayed with water. After the cleaning, disinfect the surfaces with a cloth sprayed with alcohol or disinfectant. For disinfecting, you can use alcoholic products that contain at least 70% alcohol. Do not use expired products and do not mix bleach with any other cleaners.

Wear gloves and make sure you have good ventilation while cleaning


The disposable gloves are mandatory when cleaning. Make sure to throw them away after use. If you use gloves that can be used more than once, do not use them for other purposes and clean your hands after removing the gloves. When removing the gloves, turn them inside out, and don’t let the outside of the glove touches your skin.

Wash laundry at a high temperature

If you don’t use gloves while sorting and washing dirty laundry, wash your hands properly afterward. Don’t shake the dirty laundry, it contains a virus that can spread through the air. Using a basket for washing laundry, it’s not recommended, because the basket contains viruses. Washing the laundry in a washing machine is better and if possible, dry it in a dryer. Clean and disinfect laundry hampers as recommended.

Thoroughly clean electronic devices

Smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, keyboards, mice, and remote controls are the surfaces that contain a high amount of bacteria. Avoid the use of alcohol, disinfectants, or similar sprays on the screens of computers, laptops, TV or smartphones, because it can damage the protective part of the screen. Instead, turn off the device, lightly dampen the cloth with soap and water to clean the surfaces. For cleaning the parts with buttons on a remote control its best to use a cotton swab.