Five types of personalities according to the modern psychologists


Your character affects the situations and the people around you more than you can even imagine. Starting by the people you choose to be your friends ending with the person you vote for a president, it all matters equally. But the problem arises with the fact that the people are not aware of their costoms and behaviour. Only and only if you analyze yourself as a whole, as a human being, will you understand in details your your strengths and weaknesses. Youu will get the chance to even see yourself through the eyes of the strangers and the people you spend most of the time with. The modenr psychologists agree that there are five different type of people and personalities and you can check them bellow.


The people with high level of conscientious tend to be effective, well organized and are enough for themselves. They enjoy plans in advance and their goals happen to be very big and ambitious. The people that are completelly oposite of them tend to define them as stubborn and obsessive.



The extroverts take and absorbe the energy from the people they share most of the time. They enjoy deep talks, they are friendly and always fight to be in the middle of the attention of the rest of the group. That’s their confirmation that theyy are worth it and appreciated, otherwise they feel insecure. In the eyes of the other people they appear as dominant and hungry for attention.


Pleasant and cool

The people from this category tend to be kind, friendly and polite with the others. They are famous for their good behaviour, excellent education and sirve as an example for the rest of the world. They enjoy volunteering and helping other people because that’s what makes them happy. This makes the other people define them as way too naive and too much passive.


Open for new experiences 

The people who are open for new experiences are considered as open minded and tend to have a huge spectrum of interes and picturesque fantasies. They are curious and creative and prefer diversity over boring things and routines. They want to idealize themselves through unusual and euphoric experiences. This kind of people tend to change their home place constantly and even prefer foreign countries and cultures rather than their own. The other people see them as not serious enough, unpredictable and not focussed enough.



The neurotcs tend to be the people with the highest level of instability and insecurity. They are hot-tempered and one of their main characteristics are the anxiety and irritability. The other see them as insecure and weak.


The importance of the understanding of the characters

The character of the people can slightly changes over the years, but even in that case, it is very similar to the one people form and build during the puberty. The behaviour we have at the age of seven is most likely to be repeated during whole life. On the other hand there are huge possibilities to re-shape your characters later on. What it affects it most are the experiences we happen to have and the situations we find ourselves at. That’s what determines the changes. However, will we want to change it for better demepnds only on our will for improvement and become the best version of ourselves.