Five Ways to Allow Future Wiggle Room for Redecorating


Decorating a home takes a great deal of planning, especially if the ability to redecorate in the future is part of that plan. It is best to allow some wiggle room so redecorating is actually possible down the line. There are five ways to help you make sure this happens.

Choose Furniture That Fits in Any Room

Not everyone keeps their couch in their living room, particularly if there is another family room elsewhere. You may tire of having the same old style in your main living space, and later want to move it to a rec room or even a guest bedroom. This will open up your living area for a new couch style of your choosing. With so many styles to choose from, it should come as no surprise when you find yourself thinking about switching to something new.

Having furniture that fits in any space is the best option, as it allows you to move it around as you see fit. A large sectional couch may not always be the best idea, as it is less likely to fit in other places you may want to move it to later. San Marco Furniture offers smaller sectionals with no bulky arms that may be a better fit for more spaces. There are five-person options, as well as a typical three-person couch.

Pick Colors That Pair Well With Many Options

When it comes to painting, it is best to pick colors that pair well with many options. A bright red wall may not be the ideal choice if you think you may want to change up your furniture and décor later on down the road. It is wise to choose neutral colors that can go well with anything, such as a beige or even blue. You then have the option of switching your furniture to match more easily.

Use Photos to Decorate

Another great option is to use photos to decorate your home. They can be printed for fairly cheap, which makes them a simple decoration to change frequently. It is a perfect option for families looking to decorate on a budget. Family photos are valid options, but you can even have pictures printed of scenery. When you feel like a change, simply swap out the picture for a new one for a different focal point.

Add a Variety of Accessories

Accessories for the home are easy to change. Adding a variety to your décor in the beginning will ensure you have something to change later on. The change could be as simple as switching a bohemian style rug with a more modern option.

Don’t Overspend

You will never have the money to redecorate in the future if you greatly overspend the first time around. Pick and choose which options you want to keep around for some time, and which ones you feel you would rather change often. The changeable options should be something affordable that you will have no problem getting rid of down the line. You can then splurge on an item you know you will keep around, such as a new flat screen television.

Never leave yourself without wiggle room when decorating. You always want to be sure you have options so you can change things around when the mood strikes. While some people may leave their homes decorated in the exact same way year to year, many others change things around frequently to experience a new atmosphere.