Flagstone Pathways Lead The Way To Wonderful Outdoor Spaces


The main purpose of a pathway is to take you from one place to another and also to enrich the landscape. So, a pathway is like a must-have part of any garden. They can be quite versatile, depending on the materials used. Such materials can be stones, wood, bricks, river rocks, pebbles etc. Today, we would like to show you several Flagstone Pathways that lead the way to wonderful outdoor spaces ans may get you inspired to add one such path into your garden too.

Flagstone pathways are easy to be installed, so you can do this even on your own. First you will need to install benderboard edging and put down landscape fabric to prevent weeds. The fabric edges need to be secured under the benderboard edging. Then, pour 2-inch-thick layer of sand over the landscape fabric, raking it smooth and moistening the sand with a fine spray from the hose. After this, pass over the moist sand several times with a drum roller. Add stepping stones, laying them carefully to ensure each piece is level. In the end fill the gaps between flagstones with gravel, sand, pebbles or mulch. Finish by sweeping the filler material off of stones with a broom. Scroll down now to see the flagstone pathways that we have chosen for you today and decide if this type of pathway is the right one for your garden too.

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Flagstone Pathways

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Photo via: onekindesign.com
Photo via: onekindesign.com

Flagstone pathways require a little maintenance and are quite long lasting. The gaps between the flagstones can be filled with versatile plants, to add color and texture. Such plants are often the ones who keep a tight, low-to-the-ground profile, including speedwell and stonecrop. These plants can flourish between flagstones and can tolerate harsher climates.

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These flagstone pathways differ in style and length. They can be straight or curvy, depending on the way they lead through your garden. The size of the flagstones can also differ and there are no specific rules of how to set them.

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So, how do you like the above flagstone pathways? Would you choose to add one such pathway into your garden too? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decoration ideas for your garden.