Floral Decorations: Simple tips to save money on your big day


According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the average cost of a wedding today is £27,000, which is not a figure to be sneezed at. Of course, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that amount and if you like to get creative, you can save a great deal of money on such items as flowers, whether for the church or tables at the reception after the ceremony.


One of your best moves will be to look for an online supplier for a whole range of floral accessories, including artificial flowers. In addition, a couple of really useful cost-saving tips should give you some inspirational fun and simple floral decoration ideas for your wedding.

If you are going to have fresh flowers, get ones that are in season as opposed to exotic blooms shipped in from abroad. This will save you so much money and local flowers means they are greener, in every sense of the word. You can further reduce the cost by scouring the countryside for small shrub sprigs with berries or fruit. These can make beautifully natural table decorations and also look pretty when attached to the ends of pews if you are having a church wedding.


If you’re close to the countryside and have time before you wedding, you can look for wild flowers or cornflowers, and why not go for the rustic look and present them in jam jars, perhaps with a single rose in each to add a touch of class. Of course, if you are really creative, you can make a stunning centrepiece with hydrangeas and roses, and of course remember not to soak the oasis if you are using artificial flowers!

So, as you have discovered, with a little time and a smattering of inspiration, you don’t need to rely on an expensive florist to provide the floral element to your wedding. Instead, all you need to do is get creative and use the help of online florist supplies to accessories your displays at a very cost-friendly price.