Food Photography Tips That Will Teach You A Lot


Do you want to improve your food photography? Capturing some Instagram-worthy photos is not difficult at all. We have some really helpful insider tips to share with you. Once you pick them up, you will be able to improve your photography skills easily. When you work with food, there are a few things that actually matter. From perspective, to props, and decoration, every little detail counts. Once you know the tricks, you will make the perfect photos in no time. Don’t miss these food photography tips!

Right perspective

When shooting foods, you can choose between the overhead and side angle. And you have to make a smart move here. If an item is flat and short, the overhead angle is a better choice. A beautifully decorated charcuterie board or a smoothie bowl is a good example of that.

If you are working with burgers, for example, it is better to shoot from the side. This will emphasize the height and layers of the object that you are shooting.


Prefer matte

Every food photographer has a pile of props, ready to be included in the setting. When shopping, consider buying props with a matte finish. They won’t reflect back the light. Also, there won’t be a reflection of the camera. Opt for matte plates and dishes for a smooth experience.

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Decorate your food

The food is beautiful. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add some touch-ups. You can sprinkle some chopped parsley to add freshness. Or drizzle some olive oil and balsamico. This is the little trick behind all those Instagram-worthy photos that you will see. And it won’t take you too much time.


Your own signature style

We love food bloggers for their personal style. As soon as you see a photo, you will know who it belongs to. So, developing your own signature style is certainly a way to go. But, how to do it?

You can start with the props and background. Decide whether you want a modern, fresh, natural, or rustic vibe. Then, build the prop collection around this specific style. Or, develop your own editing style that will become recognizable. Take some time to practice and find the thing that works for you.