For the Love of Coffee: Top Gifts in 2021 For Your Favorite Coffee Lovers


Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, but it’s even more fun to give gifts, especially to loved ones of whom you know the things they like.

Gift-giving has always been one of those things that have given so many people anxiety around holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions simply because you have no clue what to get the person you’re shopping for… But then, you have those set of loved ones who love what they love, and if you get them anything pertaining to the thing they love, they will cherish it… And that’s the type of gift-giving everyone enjoys.


You have people who love tech and gadgets; loved ones who enjoy traveling; and fitness fanatics… Those are loved ones who are easy to shop for. But do you know another gifting group that is easy to shop for as well? Coffee lovers.

There are just so many ways to gift coffee to loved ones, that honestly anything even remotely related to coffee will be enjoyed and appreciated by your coffee lover. If you have a coffee lover in your life, here are some of the top gifts to give them in 2021.

Top Gifts For Coffee Lovers in 2021

Coffee iPhone Case

People who love coffee tend to be more active than others and what do active people do? Spend a lot of time on their phone! What’s a better gift than a coffee iPhone case from Velvet Caviar which will not only protect their phone but they will absolutely adore the case as it will definitely make a statement.

Scented Warming Coasters

If you thought coasters were simply meant to protect your furniture from getting those moisture rings on it that cups and glasses can cause, think again. For the coffee lover in your life, you can now gift them warming coasters designed to not only keep their coffee warm but to also fill any room with a heavenly scent of coffee, cinnamon, or clove. These coasters will most certainly enhance the coffee drinking experience of the coffee lover in your life.

Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Nothing’s worse than sipping a cup of hot coffee, getting busy, and then going for another sip and your coffee is cold. True enough, your coffee lover may enjoy a nice cold iced coffee but not coffee that was once hot and then got cold. So how can you remedy your coffee lover of this continued problem? With a temperature control smart mug.

Imagine the joy your coffee lover will have when they no longer have to settle for “nooking” their coffee in the microwave. A simple tap or touch on their phone or the mug itself will allow your coffee drinker to have hot coffee for as long as they want!

Shower Steamer Cubes

If you thought the smell of coffee in the morning is refreshing to coffee lovers (and it is), just imagine how refreshed they’ll feel when they wake up in the morning to shower and drop a coffee-scented shower steamer cube in the shower with them… Talk about an energy boost! 

These cubes are not only invigorating but they also come in various scents like mint eucalyptus and cedar orange… So, for your coffee lover, they’ll get a double dose of that coffee aroma in the shower and while actually enjoying their beloved cup of joe.

There are many more gifts out there for coffee lovers but the three listed above are some of the top picks that ALL coffee lovers will enjoy, making you the best gift-giver of 2021!