Why Fords are Perfect for Road Travel Adventures


Hitting the open road? Road trips are a unique, eye-opening and fun way to travel and provide a unique viewpoint of the area in which you are exploring. Unlike most other forms of travel, a road trip allows you to explore the areas between destinations and it is here that you often uncover the true heart and soul of a place. Road trips are also great fun if you have the right car, good music, company and a few games to play along the way.

Choosing the Right Car

The most important aspect of a road trip is the car – this is because you will be spending a significant amount of time in the vehicle. It will need to be a car that is comfortable for both driver and passenger, but it must also be reliable and safe so that you do not encounter any problems along the way (this can be particularly stressful on a road trip where you are on a tight schedule).

On top of this, the vehicle that you are driving should be fuel efficient so that you do not spend a fortune on fuel (this is also good for the environment). The car should also have enough storage space so that you can comfortably store everything that you need for the trip. Finally, you will want an automobile which is enjoyable to drive as you will be spending lengthy stretches behind the wheel.


Finding a vehicle that ticks all of these boxes can be challenging, which is why it is always best to look at the most popular and reliable car brands. One company which stands out as a good choice for a road travel adventure is Ford. Ford has been the UK’s biggest-selling car brand for over 30 years and this is because they build such high-quality, reliable and safe vehicles. They are also affordable when you buy second-hand from places like Motorpoint.

Another reason that Ford is a good choice for a road trip is the fact that they have a wide range of vehicles available with a type to suit every need. If you are travelling as a family you could opt for a large hatchback like the Mondeo or the C-MAX MPV, but if it is just two of you then you cannot go wrong with the popular Focus or Fiesta hatchbacks.

Road trips are a unique form of travel, but it is vital that you are travelling in a reliable, safe and comfortable car – this makes Ford an excellent choice.