Forgotten Wedding Traditions Making a Comeback


While some wedding traditions never seem to change, such as exchanging wedding rings in the form of beautiful diamonds or exquisite hand crafted jewellery, other rituals seems to get forgotten about or swept under the carpet.  That said, every now and again, vintage trends emerge which remind people what tying the knot used to be like in days gone by, so let’s take a look at a few that are making a comeback.

  1. Leaving before the guests
    These days, many couples would not even consider leaving before their guests. It would be considered bad manners and rude – especially as people have travelled far and wide to share your special day – but in the past, the bride and groom used to always be waved off very early into the reception. Interestingly, this tradition is gradually returning with many lovebirds dashing off before the DJ has even played his first song, but it’s still somewhat frowned upon.
  2. Getting married in the morning
    If you’ve ever seen the epic 90s movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, you’ll know that weddings often used to take place in the morning. The mad rush to make it to the church on time was all part of the fun, but ceremonies have been pushed back later and later in recent years. It seems none of us really want to nurse a hangover from the night before while saying our vows, but with hen and stag dos being more flexible and often taking place a week or two before the big day, there has been a rise in early morning weddings once again.
  3. White bridal bouquets
    White has always been a traditional choice for a wedding bouquet. It symbolises purity, innocence and a clean slate, but in modern times brides have opted for brighter, more vibrant colours with many boasting dramatic shades of purple, orange, blue and red. While there’s nothing wrong with holding a bunch of exotic, eye-catching flowers on your big day, more and more brides are not reverting back to tradition and opting for something classically simple. Kate Middleton, for instance carried a bouquet of lilies, sweet Williams, hyacinth and myrtle – which was both beautiful and traditional.
  4. Father-daughter dance
    When you go to a wedding you probably expect the first official dance to be between the bride and groom, but this wasn’t always the case. Back in the day, fathers had first dibs for a dance with their daughter and this tradition also appears to be making a comeback. Mother-son dances are all the rage too, so be sure to put your parents first if you’re getting married this year before running off to boogie with your partner.

Weddings are always changing and evolving with the times, but sometimes age-old traditions reappear to remind us what we’ve all been forgetting and missing out on.