Four Activities That Will Get You Out And About This Summer


For many people, summertime can actually bring about a lot of stress. The weather is beautiful, warm, and sunny, but you might be stuck indoors working or struggle to find activities that will get you outside and enjoying yourself. When this is the case, you might feel trapped. After all, how can you balance being an adult and the desire to spend time soaking up some summer rays and enjoying yourself? Luckily for you, there are a couple of activities you can do that will get you out and about without costing a ton of money. In most cases, you’ll get some exercise too, helping you get healthy, fit, and maybe get that new bathing suit you’ve been eyeing but are too scared to try on.

Plant a Garden

Some people don’t realize it, but planting a garden is hard work. The activity involves a lot of bending, kneeling, digging, weeding, and time spent out in the sun. However, the rewards are amazing. Your home could soon be surrounded by beautiful flowers, shrubs, and maybe even some fresh produce if you plant at the right time of the year. Planting a garden can also become a fun family activity, especially if you have children who want to become more involved in adult activities.

In the summer, it’s possible to add an assortment of flowers and vegetables to a garden. These include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, marigolds, black eyed susans, verbena, and purple cone flowers. The lateness of the season won’t bother them at all, and many of the blooms attract butterflies! Just remember to start the garden in a sunny spot and water regularly.

Play Basketball

If you want an activity that is more active and requires some physical exertion, grab a ball and find the nearest hoop. Playing basketball uses many of the muscles in the arms, legs, and torso, resulting in a great workout with numerous rewards. If you don’t own a hoop, you can always go to the nearest park or playground and utilize one of the ones available there.

Basketball is also a great family activity or something to do with friends since there can be multiple teams. If traditional basketball isn’t your thing, you can always play PIG, HORSE, or practice some trick shots. Just remember to pay attention to your body and not overexert yourself in the summer heat. Pack plenty of water and maybe some energy drinks to keep your stamina up. If you worry about injuring your knees, check this guide for excellent sleeves you can wear to keep the joints in check.

Have a Picnic

Having a picnic is the perfect way to relax outdoors, get some sun, and also some potential exercise. You can picnic in your backyard, but you can also hike and maybe bring yourself to a local park to play games, go for a walk, and maybe play some tennis or basketball. Picnics are once again another way to have fun with friends and family, especially if you prep the food together or bring individual dishes to snack on. If you’re all adults, you can also bring some wine or beer and maybe turn the picnic into a barbecue.

Ride a Bike

If you struggle to get outside, exercise, and relax, consider riding a bike. Whether you live in the country or in a city, you can just set a destination, map out a route, and then go ahead and spend some time outdoors in the sun. Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise since it targets many of your significant muscle groups in your legs and torso. It can also be relaxing since exercising releases endorphins that make you feel good, and you’re getting a bit of sightseeing while you ride since you can visit new areas at a reasonable pace.

There are many activities you can do that will get you out and about this summer. While many people’s minds jump to often expensive and extensive activities such as snorkeling, going to the beach, spending time at a waterpark, or camping, there are other things you can do. To get some exercise and spend quality time with your friends and family, consider creating a garden, playing basketball, going for a picnic, or even just riding your bikes around town.