Four Areas in Your Home You Should Clean Now


Every home gets dirty, whether an apartment, condo or mansion. It doesn’t matter if you live in that house or board there once a month. Eventually, it may accumulate dirt, dust, and germs. 

But even so, some areas in your home accumulate dirt quicker than others. These are the ones you should prioritize and clean immediately, or at least frequently. Take this post as your guide to identify those areas that constantly need re-cleaning in your home. 

Living Room

The living room is a shared space. It’s where you and your family eat, relax, watch TV and spend a large portion of your time. The living room is also the first space your guests come to whenever they visit you. Therefore, this room should rank highly on your cleaning priority list. 

The sections to focus on when tidying your living room are stands, carpet, couch, furniture and windows. Start by decluttering all unnecessary items, then dust and wipe as you arrange things accordingly. If your couch or furniture looks dusty and stained, wipe it with a wet cloth. 

Alternatively, you can hire upholstery cleaning services to remove all the dirt and stains on your furniture. 


The kitchen is considered a high-risk area since it’s the one place that comes in close contact with the food you consume. By tidying this room, you not only keep your home clean. You also prevent food-borne illnesses and pest infestations

A good tip would be to clean your kitchen every day after cooking or once you finish washing dishes. Focus on areas like the sink, trash section, stove, microwave and countertops. Make it a habit to leave your kitchen tidy every night to ensure you have an easier time deep cleaning.


Bathrooms are wet spaces. They accumulate fungus and bacteria easily due to moisture. Bathrooms can quickly become one of the most unsanitary and smelly spaces in your house, and thus you should prioritize cleaning them. 

When cleaning your bathroom, don’t just wipe the floor and surfaces. Use a disinfectant to kill any germs and bacteria that may have accumulated. As a rule of thumb, you want to clean your bathroom daily or once every two days. 


Any shared surface, whether the dining table, work desk or kitchen counter, tends to accumulate a lot of germs. It also becomes untidy quickly, so you should wipe and disinfect this area daily. Surfaces can become a hotbed of bacterial activity if left unkempt for long. And since they are shared spaces, you or your family might spread those germs to other parts of your home. 

Closing Remarks

As you take care of your house, take some time to find out which areas are most prone to becoming untidy, messy or cluttered. These are the areas you should spend most of your cleaning time on. It’s advisable to clean these areas regularly so that you don’t accidentally spread the dust and germs to other rooms in your home.