Four Great Ways to Utilize Your New Favorite Tool


Is creativity and DIY-ing your number one hobby? Technology is developing with the speed of light, which means that the artistic people will have new methods in their hands to express creativity. The good news is that 3D printing is being introduced as a way to turn an idea into a physical object. This state-of-the-art technology can help you create different complex structures while using different materials. Creating both functional and beautiful 3D prints is now possible for everyone. It does not matter if you want to use it for business or personal purposes, it can suit everyone’s needs.

How can this improve your life? A recent study proves that 3D printing has a huge impact on the design skills in primary schools. Students have developed their creativity and design thinking abilities.

Also, 3D printing is beneficial for the prototyping process. When you have a physical object right in front of you, this means that problem detection and improvements will be done in an efficient way.

Imagine you have an awesome idea for home decoration and let’s say you would like to let your creativity run free, without need to learn complex techniques, spending a lot of money or watching hours of how-to videos.
If you are the same way as me, you will fall in love with the creative freedom of 3Dsimo MultiPro.

3Dsimo MultiPro is my new favorite DIY helper. It’s 3D drawing capability, ease of use and creative freedom helps turn any decoration or a project a breeze. All you have to do is to choose the color of 3D printing filament and start drawing.

Addition of LED strip to your project will become very easy since 3Dsimo MultiPro can also solder electronics very easily, all you have to do is switch up the attachment, press one button and your Soldering iron is ready to rock.

Decorative burning can upgrade any wooden surface into an art piece, but usually, it takes too much time and effort. Not any more! Mount Burning tool into 3Dsimo MultiPro and you are ready. The Burning tip is ready to decorate wood in 30 seconds, everything else is only a question of your skill and handling.

3Dsimo MultiPro is also great for cutting foam/plastic materials, such as Polystyrene, EPP, and Depron, via its resistance wire cutter function, allowing you to create awesome sculptures such as this one.For more information about what you can create with their products, visit

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