Four Possible Beauty Salon Injuries


Did you know that your pampering trip to the beauty salon could end with an injury? Salons are full of hazards because they use chemicals, heat, and sharp tools.

Accidents can happen naturally, of course, but sometimes also occur due to worker negligence. For example, what happens if you get burns on your scalp because the attendant left hair treatment on your head for so long?

Some of these hair salon accidents not only hurt, but also cost you money and leave permanent scars on your body.

If the injury had negative implications to your finances, work time, and body, you deserve compensation. If the owner is not cooperative, you can get help by hiring a Brooklyn injury attorney. The lawyer will build a case against the salon and ensure that you are compensated for both economic and non-economic damages.

What Are Common Injuries at a Beauty Salon?

1. Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Wet floors, electric cables, and customer property on the floor could all lead to slips and falls. Yes, this could happen on your way in, and just like that, you break a tooth, or worse.

Salon owners are encouraged to keep their floors clean and dry. This way, customers will not stumble and fall. More serious falls could even result in death, and as the owner, you will be held responsible.

2. Burns

You could suffer burns from the following:

  •  Chemical Burns on the Face

People with acne apply chemical peels to remove damaged skin layers in order to achieve smooth skin. If they use the wrong treatment or the procedure is done by an untrained employee, there is a likelihood of burns.

  • Scalp Burns

Hair dyes and treatment could result in severe scalp burns, infections, and permanent hair loss. The beautician should take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you are safe and comfortable.

Common mistakes that result in scalp burns include leaving the dye on your scalp for too long, using the wrong chemical mixture, and failure to take a sensitivity spot test.

  • Waxing Burns

Improper waxing on delicate body parts like the armpits and the bikini area could result in severe burns, blisters, and long-lasting pain. If any of these happen to you, you deserve compensation for the pain and discomfort caused.

  • Laser Burns

People looking for long-term hair removal go for laser hair removal but very few understand the risks involved. The attendant should inform you of the possible risks and ensure that the person attending to you is experienced and qualified.

Possible laser hair removal risks include burns, excessive hair removal, skin sensitivity, removing hair in the wrong location, and infections.

3. Cuts

Scissors, nail cutters, shears, and other sharp objects in the salon could send you home with cuts.

If a stylist cut your body because they were talking on the phone, chatting with fellow staff, concentrating on salon TV, or involved in activities that took their attention from you, you should be compensated.

4. Infections

Hair salons are public places, hence prone to germs and bacteria that cause infections. The owners should take all the necessary measures to make sure that the premises are clean.

Shared tools like scissors, nail cutters, and clippers spread infections to customers if they are not well cleaned and sterilized.If you have developed nail infections or scalp ringworms after a salon visit, you might stand a chance for compensation.

Beauty Salon Injury Compensation

Some injuries suffered from the salon are seen as minor but could have long-term consequences on the client’s health and wellbeing.

If you have suffered anything from a salon visit that cost you financially or emotionally, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact your attorney for advice on the best way forward.