Four Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom


You see it every day. When you wake up in the morning, when you watch a movie at night; you see it more on your days off. It is your bedroom. The same four walls that you have been looking at for the past few years are still there. The same bed with the same sheets and pillows, the same drab curtains. It is all starting to feel a little stale. Maybe it is time to change the decor in your bedroom.

For a great new look, you can start from scratch. This is your opportunity to go all out and revamp the entire room from floor to ceiling, in a way that only you can. If you have always dreamed of matching your bedroom to the ones you see on Instagram, now is your time to do so. If you are wanting to feel like you sleep in luxury, then make it happen.

Here are some quick ways you can reinvigorate your bedroom.

Wall Colors

With just a little bit of time, you can create an entirely new ambiance for your bedroom by simply applying a fresh coat of paint. Not one of the same color, though. That would defeat the intent. Instead of refreshing the existing look, you should revitalize your bedroom with a brand new palette.

Since the reason for repainting is to go for a quick change, it is doubtful you will be replacing the furniture in the room. Because of this, you should pick out a hue of paint that will match your existing furniture. You do not want your bedroom to go from dull to intolerable with this effort; you would only end up changing it again.

Does the brown dresser sit well against the purple backdrop you are wanting? The thick black of the nightstands may clash against the red-tinted walls. These are just some examples of how your chosen color may not work well with existing furniture. Consider these carefully before starting to repaint.


If you do decide that the furniture is in need of a change, then upgrade to some luxurious pieces that can give your bedroom an added flair. In this scenario, this will be the only thing you are doing to achieve a fresh appearance. With that in mind, you will have to do the opposite of what is mentioned above.

You will have to compare any new furniture you intend on purchasing with the existing wall color. Most new homes and apartments are painted in a neutral tone, and this may be what you are working with. Older homes may have been painted over prior to your moving in, so you could be working off of a different palette than most. It is the latter of these that you may find more difficult when trying to match new furniture.

Take your time in choosing your new furniture. Do not rush into a purchase just to have something to swap out with. Yes, you want to give your bedroom a new look relatively quickly, but you may choose a style that you could really despise after getting it home. Shop around before settling on a decision.

Bed or Bedding

While the bed is a piece of furniture, it is separated from the discussion above for a reason. The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. It should set the tone for the entire room. That is why it could be the thing that needs to go. Your current bed frame and headboard may be throwing the rest of the room off.

Consider replacing it. You can exchange an aluminum frame for a wooden, decorative one with posts to drape fabric from. You could downsize a larger bed frame for a smaller one; this would also give you more space in the bedroom, which would be perfect if your bedroom is smaller. Reupholstering the headboard is another option to consider.

There may be nothing wrong with the bed. The problem could come from the bedding. Your floral comforter may be a little outdated, or the sheets may be a color that does not appeal to you anymore. Changing these out with a high end bedding set could give your bedroom the appeal you are wanting.

Decorative Accessories

This could cover a wide range of options to spruce up your bedroom. You could also maximize your budget by swapping out your decor; even though decorations are smaller and typically less expensive than the options mentioned previously, they can still have a wonderful affect on your bedroom. Replacing lamps or lampshades with a different color or design could help. Purchasing new pictures or artwork for the walls can breathe new life into the room.

Mirrors are another great option to incorporate into your bedroom. They come in such an array of trim designs and can give the room a sense of being larger than it actually is. They can brighten the room by reflecting the light back into it. The effect works great on those sunny days when you throw back the shades and let the natural light shine through.