Four situations in which you should avoid taking coffee


Believe it or not, the coffee might turn into addiction. There exist people who are in a serious and committed relationship with this amazing beverage. On the other hand, it is believed that the coffee is the only healthy addiction out of all the others we might have. A lots of experts believe that the coffee decreases the risk of dementia as well as the possibility of spreading the cancer cells. Another benefit is that it speeds up the metabolism.

However, even after knowing all the benefits, we should definitely think about the amount as well. We have to bare in mind that, just like the rest of the things we consume on a daily basis, there is some red line that we better don’t cross. This is especially if we want to experience only the benefits of taking coffee.


Another reason fair enough to consume coffee is that, apart of being tasty, it gives us extra energy. It helps us in plenty of our tasks we have to finish along the day. It stimulates us and makes us more productive. However, its over-consumption can have negative effects on us. There are situations when it is highly recommendable not to consume it at all. That way you will avoid the risk of feeling even more drained or even bad.

If the coffee is too hot

You better wait a few minutes after preparing it. It is not recommendable at all to start drinking it right after you pour it into the cup. According to some researches done not long ago one should avoid drinking any kind of hot drinks. At least the ones who are superior of 65 degrees Celsius. If you do, however, take it that way, you increase the chances of getting esophagus cancer. That’s not something you want, right?


If you suffer from anxiety

If after taking a single cup of coffee you feel even more anxious, beware. Shaking hands, feeling nervous and meeting the edge of your patience is what you feel, you should definitely avoid drinking period. Especially at that time. The caffeine has a stimulative effect on the nervous system. It stimulates the secretion of cortisol. Therefore it will only increase your anxiety problem, even cause you insomnia. This is especially typical for people who suffer from panic attack and have social phobia.


If you haven’t slept all night long

You might think that the coffee is the ideal solution right after you jump up from your bed. This is false, especially if you have waken up tired because of bad dreams or insomnia. The caffeine loses its effect if you have slept for less than five hours per night, three nights in a row. The lack of sleep affects your mental abilities.

If you suffer from heartburn

Coffee is generally acidic, and if you suffer from heartburn, there’s a good chance it won’t sit well with your stomach. In this case, it’s best to avoid regular coffee as it can cause your gastric problems to flare up. If you can’t live without your coffee, there are some low acid coffee options out there that taste great and are easy on the stomach.

If you are still not wide awake

Drinking coffee at 7 am doesn’t have that much effect when the energy is in question. The reason for that is that your stress hormones are at the very top right after you have waken up. The experts claim that the best time to take your first cup of coffee is between 10 and 12 am. That’s when the level of cortisol starts decreasing.