Four Steps to Take When Making a Room More Inviting


Making a room in a home more inviting to friends and family doesn’t always require a full makeover or remodel. Sometimes just a few simple, inexpensive changes or additions can transform the whole atmosphere in a living room, kitchen or bedroom. Learn four steps you can take to make any room a more inviting place to be.

Change the Paint Color on the Walls

Changing the color of paint on the walls of a bedroom or living room can make the room look bigger. For instance, going from a royal blue or other dark color to ivory or brilliant white walls will instantly open up the space. Alternatively, some rooms seem dark despite having windows. Changing the paint to beige, off-white or pale pink helps to reflect the sunlight coming in through the windows lending the room an airy atmosphere. Invitation Homes is one example of a valuable resource for people in search of a home that meets all their style and space requirements.

Add One New Piece of Furniture and Take One Away

Refreshing the look of a room’s furniture can make it more inviting. If you’ve kept the same sofa, chairs and ottoman in your living room, take one piece away and replace it with a new one. Or, put a slipcover on one piece of furniture so it takes on a new color or design. Guests will walk in and wonder what is different (and more appealing) about the room.

Put Fresh Flowers Around the Room

Tulips, roses, hydrangeas and daisies are just a few of the beautiful blooms you can place around the rooms in your home. Try to put each bouquet in a unique vase to add to the beauty of the flowers. The fragrance and color in a room instantly contributes appeal to the space. If you are allergic to flowers, try putting different candles around your home. Short and tall candles along with candles that have a fragrance are all great choices.

Display Artwork or Photos in a Variety of Picture Frames

Some people like to put all their photos and art in the same type of frame. But, why not choose a frame that suits the picture in it? For instance, if you have a watercolor picture done by your kindergartner, then put it in frame that matches a color in the picture. In addition, put your family photos in frames of different shapes including ovals, rectangles and squares. The variety of frames adds interest and a sense of imagination to the décor of a room.

Considerations When Leasing a Home

If you are leasing a home, then you should check with the guidelines of the lease before making any big changes to the décor. Leasing is a good way to start out in a home that already has lovely, inviting décor. Invitation Homes is an example of a business that gives individuals and families the opportunity to find a home in a preferred neighborhood.

Finally, making changes to the décor of a room can be a fun, creative experience. Sometimes making small changes can help stir up ideas for a new color theme or style for a room that needs a lift!