Four Tips for Bringing a Touch of Style to Your Fireplace Installation


Fireplaces first made their way into homes during the 1100s according to some historical accounts. During the early days, they were functional more so than ornamental and typically only seen in the homes of society’s elite. Eventually, though, they became the norm in terms of both heating and aesthetic appeal.

Simple Ways to Add Flair to Your Fireplace

In the beginning, fireplaces were generally made from stone or brick because those were the only practical materials available for such purposes. Since then, design and construction have branched out considerably to generate an ever-growing lineup of ways to enhance your fireplace.


1) Make it Modern

These days, we have the technology and resources to build fireplaces from a wide range of materials. Glass is rapidly rising through the ranks. This material brings a sleek, modern appearance to fireplaces and offers an unobstructed view of the flickering flames and glowing embers within. It’s also integral in fostering the increasingly common floating and see-through fireplace concepts.

Electric fireplaces are also making a number of appearances these days. Though plenty of people argue they’re just not the same as old-style wood-burning models, they are designed to mimic traditional flames. They’re also energy efficient and don’t require quite the same amount of cleanup as their classic counterparts.

2) Stone Cold Appeal

Slate, limestone, marble, granite and quartzite are popular at present as well. These materials somehow manage to combine the traditional appeal of stone with a decidedly a modern vibe. All are naturally durable and fire resistant, and they bring plenty of allure to the mix.

Each of these types of stone is also extremely versatile. From highly polished slabs to classic, masoned works of art, they can easily meld well with any interior design theme or architectural style. Stone may have been one of the first materials to be used for fireplaces, but today’s options are far more widespread than those of the past.


3) Bring the Fuel Inside

For those with wood-burning fireplaces, the fuel itself holds a certain rustic beauty all its own. In the past, people have been careful to store their firewood neatly out of sight, but this practice is now fading.

Today, people are bringing their firewood inside to display right along with their fireplaces via built-in storage solutions. Doing so adds an extra layer of decorative appeal to the fireplace and its surrounding elements. At the same time, it comes in handy on those cold mornings when going outside for firewood isn’t an ideal option.

It’s also worth mentioning even those with gas or electric fireplaces are jumping on this particular bandwagon. Using firewood as a decorative element can lend charm to any room with a fireplace regardless of style or fuel source. Countless indoor firewood storage ideas are out there, or you could come up with some unique options of your own.

4) Stick with a Classic

Countless people have purchased old homes with gorgeous original fireplaces still intact. Though they’re technically still standing, they’re not always in perfect working order. Thanks to the latest advancements, it’s possible to upgrade the inner workings of older fireplaces without losing those beautiful examples of timeless architecture.

Home Advisor lists fireplace inserts as an advantageous alternative. Wood and gas-burning models as well as electric ones are available, and they offer superior safety, efficiency and emission ratings when compared to their predecessors.

All Things Considered

Fireplaces have been beautiful, functional elements in homes for centuries. Though the classic, old-world designs offer plenty of allure in their own rights, they’re not the only options available these days by far. With so many materials, fuel sources, decorative ideas and other variations on the market, the possibilities are endless.