Four Ways to Fund World Travel


Gaining the freedom to travel while finding a flexible income stream is not always easy. But with a little creativity and persistence, it is definitely possible. Using your paid time off for short trips is great, but traveling for a longer period of time with a 9-to-5 job is not always feasible — neither is saving up enough money to pay your bills at home while funding all your adventures abroad. Here are four ways to fund your world travel endeavors, while still receiving an income stream or additional support that will sustain you.

Seek Contractual and Freelance Opportunities

Both contractual and freelance opportunities provide you the flexibility to work as little or as much as you need to fund your travels abroad while maintaining your life at home. If you have a marketable hobby such as writing, blogging, photography, website design or graphic design, seek freelance companies that will connect you with paying opportunities. It’s possible to even find companies that will pay for your travels as long as you blog about your journey or photograph your experience. Consider working for global companies such as Amway that offer contractual opportunities, selling various home, nutrition and beauty products abroad. Check out Amway’s Twitter page for more information on how to start your own international business.

Consider Work Trade

Work trade, also known as work exchange, encompasses a wide range of opportunities, all of which support your travels by covering expenses such as room and board, paying for expensive expeditions or even with a good old fashioned paycheck. Programs such as WorkAway, CIEE or international trade job boards will connect you with the opportunity that fits your financial needs. Perhaps you’d like to be a bartender at a hostel or hotel for free room and board or teach English abroad while living with a host family. If you like working with kids, consider being an international au pair or work as a part-time scuba instructor in exchange for free access to scuba equipment and boats.

Rent Out Your Home or Apartment

Paying rent at home while paying for your hotel, vacation home or hostel while traveling really makes travelling for longer periods of time tough. Consider renting your home or apartment on Airbnb or VRBO to travelers visiting your neighborhood to help cover the costs of rent and utilities while you’re abroad. Depending on how high the demand for your home or apartment is, renting your space might even make a little extra spending money for your trip!

Negotiate to Work Remotely

Even if you think your company or supervisor would never allow you to work remotely while traveling for a long period of time, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You’re never really sure what their reaction might be until you take the courageous step of checking in with them. With a great explanation of why you would like to travel and how it would enrich your life or increase your overall productivity, you might be able to negotiate a longer period of time away from the office. Use coffee shops or your hotel’s conference room as your new office and be productive during the day to enjoy your afternoons and evenings traveling the world.