Four Ways to Improve Your Door’s Security


Doors hide amazing secrets behind them. Since most homeowners aim to improve the appeal that their homes ooze, most will invest in quite beautiful doors. However, some forget another vital role that their doors play – keeping burglars away.

While the appeal of your home’s doors is vital, it should be integrated with state-of-the-art security to ensure that the secrets your door hides remain hidden. Luckily, improving the security of your home is as easy as paying attention to the intricate details of the door you choose.

Here are three ways to beef up the security of your doorway:

Use Solid Core Doors

It’s no use to have a door that can be broken into by simply kicking it, which is why the core of your door is vital. Typically, you should prefer using solid core doors to those made from foam or veneers, especially for your home’s entryway. While metallic doors are among the best option when considering the core, according to, they will need constant maintenance.

Luckily, even wood doors can easily have a solid core that will be enough to keep burglars away. When choosing your doors according to the core, be sure to use the same consistency on all doors to keep burglars away as they will typically look for the weakest entry point.

Go Windowless If Possible

Door windows breathe life into any home. They allow enough light to get into the house which can accentuate the key features of your home. Sadly, they are a security breach waiting to happen as burglars can easily make their way into your safe haven by simply breaking the glass. The most risk-free option would be to choose a door that doesn’t have a window.

However, if doors with windows are your piece of cake, there is a diversity of security options to consider. Work with reinforced glass to make it tougher for an intruder to get into your home. On the other hand, you can also add metal reinforcements or decorative bars. You can also work with a secondary door lock which you can install at the floor level and out of the reach of any intruder.

Opt For a Metal Frame

Sure, you shouldn’t be limited to metallic doors for optimal security. However, you should consider working with metal door frames. They typically need to be attached to the wall studs using long bolts and screws that ensure deadbolts and other locks are attached firmly into the door frame.

As such, burglars will have a hard time breaking into the door. In case you have door sensors, they will barely sniff a successful break-in before the police can arrive. You will, however, need to work with professional installers when dealing with this type of door frame, especially if the deadbolt you would love to install will need you to customize the frame.

Use Strong Deadbolts and Door Hinges

When dealing with professional burglars, your style of hinge and deadbolt will play a pivotal role in keeping them away. It is recommended to avoid exterior hinges as this makes the attack vector easier to reach. If you must work with exterior hinges, ensure that they have safety features such as locking screws and pins that will prevent a break in.

As for the deadbolt, the longer it is, the more security it will provide. Consider using deadbolts whose length ranges from 1 to 2 inches. Remember, you will need to drill deeper into your door frame for longer bolts, but this is worth the extra security. Additionally, concentrate on key control to ensure that no burglar can get their hands on your home keys.

Home security should never be considered a secondary add-on when building your home. Ensuring that you pick the right secure doors off the bat will eliminate the cost of renovations. Consider the tips above to keep your home safe.