Fresh Fruit Juice – Is It Good Or Bad For You?


How many of you think that one cup of fresh fruit juice will provide all needed vitamins and minerals for a day? But, is it true? And is fresh fruit juice good or bad for you?

Fresh fruit juice provide you all the vitamins from the fruit you juicing. It is same just like you eat the fruit you had actually juiced? But

When the fresh fruit juice from good become the bad drink?

Except the fruit contain vitamins and minerals, it contain sugar too. Fresh fruit also abounds with fiber, which allow the body to soak the vitamins and sugar slowly. But, when you juicing the fruit, the fibers are lost and the body soak the sugar quickly and it is quiet dangerous for the liver and the body at all.

Fruit contains its best nutrients in its skin and pulp. The skin of fruit provides all helpful nutrients, like carotenoids and flavonoids which protect our body from free radicals and any other damage. And during juicing process, the skin and pulp actually accounted and we don’t eat all that nutrients.

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Long time ago fresh juice is considered a healthy beverage and today I don’t deny it. That I want to say is that is better to eat fresh fruit than juicing them. But, of course, you can drink fruit juice. It is not harm in a certain amount – 150 ml per day. And when you decide to drink a cup of fruit juice, stick to these

Rules For The Juice To Be Good For You

1. Make a juice just from pure and fresh fruit. Don’t drink the juices which are sold in a market. If you want a cup of fruit juice, make it at home by  yourself and let’s it be from a fresh fruit.

2. Drink moderately. Make a fruit juice from the fruit just as much as you can eat. If you eat two apples per day, make a juice just from two apples.

3. Combine the fruit with vegetables. Vegetable juice is good for you at all. You can put some fruit in your vegetable juice. It will be sweet and good for you.

4. Use the right juicer. There are different kinds of juicer. When you choose the juicer, let’s it allows about 100 % retention of skin and pulp of fruit juice. But, there is one better solution – use a blender, not juicer. When you blend the fruit, all helpful nutrients and fibers remain in the shake.

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