From the bottom to the stars


When you want to achieve something and you have a big dream, however you have no resources to achieve it is what limits your beliefs. On the other hand when you have the same scenario but you work hard on its achievement, the glory is more delicious. There are plenty of successful people who remember how did they started their career. What’s common for all of them are the difficulties of different characters they all faced.


The beginning tends to be the hardest part. However, it is the burning desire and the faith that doesn’t let you give up. The road to the top, more often than not, is very difficult but the view from the top is extraordinary.

On the other hand, there are world’s famous stars that were on the right time at the right place. It seems like the luck have played a great role in their lives. Check the following stars who have an interesting life story to share:


Charlize Theron

This South African actress has changed her homeland for New York for the sake of the ballet. She had classes for dancing ballet there, therefore she had to do it. However, she was obligated to put an end to her career way too soon. In addition, she had an injury on the knee that didn’t let her keep dancing what she loved. On the other hand, she had a chance to show herself as an actress by chance. To be more precise, she was noticed while yelling at the person attending her in a bank.

The film agent, who found himself at the same place by chance, liked her temperament immediately. It’s when she received her first job offer as an actress. Only a few months later the world saw her for the first time in the horror movie “Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest”.


Jennifer Lawrence

This Hollywood star has never known that she can turn into such famous person. She appeared in the movies “The Hunger Games”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Joy”, and “American Hustle”. A film agent noticed her while walking down the road in New York. He took a picture of her, took her number and the very next day she was already on her first casting.


Jason Statham

This impeccable actor used to sell watches and jewelry illegally when he was young. Later he even tried his luck as a football player to end up as a street artist. His last try was a model. The director Guy Ritchie noticed him while he was trying to make a career as a model. In 1998 he gave him a role in the film “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” with no previous experience. Nowadays he is one of the people’s favorite actors.



Such cases give faith to the humanity because they barely did anything in order to achieve such a big deal. They simply had the luck to be on the right place, behaved on a certain way and that’s how the life gave them a chance to grab.