Fruits and veggies that contain more Vitamin C than the oranges


When you hear “Vitamin C” probably the first thing that pops up to your mind is orange. That’s because we have been taught that the oranges are the greatest source of Vitamin C. That is, to some extend, true because it deserves this prestige as it is reach with this type of vitamin. To be more precise, a small orange contains about 50mg of Vitaming C, wich already speaks volumes. If you consider the fact that the recommended amount of Vitamin C one shoul consume on a daily basis is 75mg, this means that by eating only two oranges per day you have already overcome the dosis. However, it is a less known fact that there are some fruits and veggies that contain even more Vitamin C than the oranges.

  1. Red peppers

The red sween big peppers, that are by the way one of the most used products in most of the kitchens, are a treasure we did not know about. It is recommendable to use them raw, in salads, in order to use the most of their power with no losses. It is a fact that should not be ignored that a normal glass of red peppers cut in small strips contains impressive 231mg of Vitamin C.

2. Broccoli

Even though they are more hated than loved, they are one of the underestimated products we have in huge amounts but do not appreciate it enough. It contains a lots of vitamins and minerals which are perfect allies for keeping the health. In a glass full of broccoli there is as much as 81mg of Vitamin C.

3. Strawberries

The irresistible taste of the strawberries brings us more than just a pleasure. They are only healthy but they are fruits with low ammount of calories as well. A glass full of strawberries contains about 85mg of Vitamin C. So feel free to eat of them as much as you want!

4. Kiwi

Even the kiwies beat the oranges when the ammount of Vitamin C is in question. This green sour fruit can be found at any time of the year and deserves to be part of your everyday meny. In only one piece of kiwi there are 64mg of Vitamin C, which means that in a glass full of kiwi cutted in pieces there are 167mg of Vitamin C.

5. Papaya

Even though the papaya is not to be found anywhere in the world, for the ones who have the luck to find it a buy it it is worth it to include it in your diet or healthy lifestyle. It did not get the  nickname “the fruit of the angels” by chance. It is a great source of Vitamin C and it is a keeper of the diggestive health. In a small papaya there are 96mg of this vitamin.

So if you want to keep your body healthy, eat well and look good, make sure you write down this products on your shopping list for the next time on. Both your body and spirit will be thankful for the Vitamin shock that you are going to give them. The good news is that they do not cost too much and are suitable and recommendable for the people of any age.