Fulfilling Your Artistic Dreams Through Writing about Architecture


It’s easy to think that those who work in architecture can get away with bad writing. There is actually a notion that students of architecture cannot also be good writers. However, this is a misnomer since lack of good writing skills usually leads to negative results when it comes to growth in the workplace. There is also an idea that to write for architecture means writing using big words where an individual pretends that they know what they are writing about when they actually don’t. In this article, we look at how you can avoid this and fulfill your artistic dreams through writing about architecture.

Why good writing is a requirement in architecture

Well, good writing is important in whatever profession you make your living from. However, in architecture, good writing is essential because it is one subject that affects everybody in one way or another. It is different from the other arts such as sculpture and painting, where people participate as a matter of choice. Architecture has an influence on the places where people do several important activities such as living, worshiping, working, learning, and relaxing. This is the reason why anyone who has anything to do with architecture needs to access proper information which is accurate. This correct information can only be accessed through properly written material.  

Polish your presentation skills

It is generally accepted that for several reasons, the quality of essay writing in many fields has been deteriorating. However, this deterioration is most pronounced in such subjects as architecture where the norm has always been that people working in such fields don’t need these skills. This is of major concern as inadequate writing skills, in such areas like the impact that new building can have on the environment and the load bearing capacities of such building materials like structural beams can have dire consequences.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are in architecture; your talent will not be of any use if you don’t have the ability to present your work to others. To be successful in doing this, you will need to have the right skills to present your work in a manner that is accessible not only to your architecture colleagues but also to ordinary people that may want more information.

Read good books on architecture writing

To know how to do something well, including writing about architecture, you will need to know the good books that deal with this subject. One of the good books you can get hold of is the William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White The Elements of Style. Another one is the one penned by William Zinsser entitled Writing Well. As you read these books, check out how the books do not only just deal with the basics of craft; they also deal with how to use it. The book looks at writing specifically aimed at architecture so that as a writer you write in a manner that the reader will not only enjoy but also feel inspired. If you are unable to find good books you can always request help from a custom essay service and use the work they do for you as an example.  

Determine the core idea

In order to be good at essay writing about architecture, you need to understand the importance of the fact that the writing process cannot be separated from the design process itself. This should start with you determining what the core idea of the piece of writing you want to do is. For instance, determine whether you want to create a written piece that would inspire the reader spiritually or you want to deal with the history of a particulate building such as the impact of the French Renaissance on the architecture of French palaces.

Clarify what a building is for

As you would know, the first question anyone reading your written article would want to know is how the writing will benefit them. One of the most effective ways to do this is to determine what a particular building is for. If you are planning to achieve funding for the architectural project you are writing about, the funders would want to know this information beforehand. This helps them to determine whether it’s a project they want to support or not.

With this advice, you should be able to write well about architecture. To get an idea of how this should be done, don’t hesitate to approach an essay writing service.