Fun things you do in GTA V if you’ve finished story mode


The world of GTA V is vast as an ocean filled to the brim with an absurd number of things to do and see. Rockstar studio is famous for putting an incredible amount of detail in their video games and GTA V is not short of any of these intricacies. If you haven’t played GTA V, you’re missing out big time, we can recommend you looking up cheap GTA V key to find the best price available. But, with so much in the story mode itself going on, it can be easy to miss particular events, experiences, and enigmas hidden away in the massive open world of Los Santos. Only the most dedicated and keen players fans can discover what secrets and details the world of GTA V has to offer. If you have finished the story and have no clue what do next, here are 10 things you do in GTA V.

1. Find pop culture references 

Find references to pop culture, whether it be video games, movies and show littered all around Los Santos. You can find references to Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne, Breaking Bad and even Thelma and Louise if you look hard enough.

2. Harass NPCs

GTA V has by-far the most intelligent AI in games when it comes to NPCs. You can use this to your advantage and mess with them however you like. For example, you can stalk NPCs by walking slowly behind them and gradually watching them run away feeling uneased.

3. Solve a murder case 

How about solving the infinity murders? To solve the alleged “Infinity murders” in which 8 random people were kidnapped and killed by a psychopath named Merle Abrahams. Players have to follow a trail of mysterious nursery rhymes that give clues to the next piece of the puzzle.

4. Take a selfie

Did you know that you can take selfie during a cut-scene? If the player opens up Snapmatic just as a cutscene starts, your character can start taking screenshots and selfies of the story as it unravels.

5. Play a sport

If you’re that bored, you can play sports in GTA V! you can play sports ranging from tennis to golf to darts and also running a triathlon.

6. Become a Real Estate Mogul

Want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a real estate mogul? You can start investing in properties and if you don’t have enough green to fulfill your dream, you can head on over to Eldorado for some premium cash deals.

7. Dive for submerged wrecks

The underwater world of GTA 5 is nearly as fascinating as it is on land. If you dive, you can find different kinds of sunken treasures. There are a few wrecked airplanes, a massive cargo ship, a nuclear submarine, a scuttled tank, and even a UFO.


Rockstar games has always had this weird affinity with extra-terrestrial life. In the Prologue, in North Yankton, when you steer off the snowy road and drive onto the frozen lake. you might see the body of an alien creature trapped under the ice.

9. Go ghost hunting

With the unsettling amount of death in Los Santos, it makes sense that there might ghost living on the same dimension as us. For example, the Ghost of Mount Gordo. If you hike up Mount Gordo at 23:00 and midnight in-game, they’ll see the spirit of a woman.

10. Go on a hunting trip

When you complete Cletus’ target practice mission, he will promise you a hunting trip, which will take place in the later missions. Later, you can head on your first hunting mission and kill animals, while collecting their carcasses.