Fun Ways to Add Art to Unexpected Spaces in Your Home


Decorating your home with art is one of the great pleasures of life. Whether you’ve built your dream home or you’re simply renting your very first apartment, art and your decor are what truly separates your home from anyone else’s. Buying fine art pieces is the most efficient way of putting your personal touch on your home.

But what happens when you’re looking for new ways to incorporate art into your space? When you’re sick of gallery walls, and your living room is exactly the way you want it, how can you still add new artwork to your home?

Art collectors and others who simply enjoy switching up their decor understand how their space can continually incorporate new pieces and designs. The secret is to add details in unexpected ways in places in your house. If you’re looking for a great way to know how to do that here are five great ideas that can work for any budget. 

Look Up

When you’ve decorated all four walls and you’ve got that pretty well figured out you may think you’ve run out of space. But just look up and discover that you have an entire ceiling just waiting to be personalized.

While some eclectic individuals have figured out how to hang artwork on the ceiling so they can view it while laying on the floor, that’s not really a solution that’s going to work for most people. However, anyone can personalize their ceiling easily.

One fun way to do that is to wallpaper your ceiling. This is a fun way to incorporate fresh colors and patterns into a room. It also has the added bonus of covering any cracks or imperfections in the ceiling. Wallpaper can be bold or just add some great texture to a room, but no matter what you choose can be very impressive. 

But wallpaper isn’t the only option. There are many excellent glasswork artists that specialize in new and interesting light fixtures. Why settle for the same chandelier everyone on your block has when you can have something completely unique? 

You may also like to think about mobiles, wind chimes, and other similar hanging artworks. Seeking out something specific that can hang from your ceiling may seem daunting, but a great gallerist can likely get you in touch with an artist who’s creating what you’re looking for.

The only caveat to hanging art from a ceiling is to make sure that it’s hung safely and the weight of the art is supported properly. Falling art mishaps both are dangerous and ruin the artwork and nobody wants that.

All Washed Up 

The truth of the matter is that bathrooms tend to be boring. Unless you keep your home magazine spread readily at all times, the bathroom is likely the most overlooked space in your home. Don’t skip out on decorating the bathroom any longer and think about the art that can fill that space!

With the return of the soaking tub’s popularity comes the need to have something to look at. Why not great art? It’s true that some art materials can be damaged by the humidity in a bathroom, there are many options for artwork that can be both kept looking great and even disinfected if that’s your thing.

Look for art made of plastics, glass, or metals for a bathroom. These materials can withstand the occasional splash and a mirror that’s fogged up. Another fun idea to spruce up a powder room is to know if your bathroom gets some natural light that these rooms are also excellent spaces for greenery and other plant life. 

Plants will thrive in the humid warm air and with interesting pots and vases available, you can add visual interest to your bathroom in a way you may not have considered before. You can even coordinate your bathroom accessories and furnishings to the pots and plants you’ve chosen. 

Don’t Skimp on Sculpture

When you think of art you likely think of paintings or photographs hanging on the wall right? Don’t worry, most people do. But there’s an entire vast world of artists creating sculptures and it’s likely you can find one that you love if you seek it out. 

It may seem crazy to think about where you could put a sculpture but not every piece of 3D artwork is oversized. (Though if you are looking to fill a large entryway or nook with something cool that can start a conversation a large sculpture is a great way to go.) Consider all the tchotchkes you have lying on your desk, banish the clutter and add a great small work of art instead. 

Sculptures look great on a mantle, tabletop, or bookshelf as well. Because you can find pieces made in all sorts of materials it can be a fun way to set a mood in a room or add a pop of the unexpected. Shopping for sculptures can be a lot of fun since you may not have anything specific in mind so you can be inspired as you look at your options. 

Think Outside the House 

Another unexpected way to add art to your home is to have art spill outdoors. Gardens, lawns, and outdoor living rooms can all be great places to sneak in some artistry. Think beyond the basic lawn gnome or plastic flamingo and spruce up your patio and flower beds with interesting art pieces. 

Not sure how to start adding art outside? Think weather vanes, sculptures, and bird baths to start. But you can even find uniquely crafted birdhouses to add whimsy and magic to your home and potentially attract some feathered friends to stick around. 

If you want to take your yard’s art look to the next level you could even hire a topiary artist to come and create interesting designs in your hedge. When even your greenery is artistic, visitors to your home will know they’re in for other artsy surprises. Topiaries can make a big statement and are a fun way to add art to your home that you may not have considered before. 

With some comfortable furniture as a place to relax and beautiful outdoor art pieces to keep your space visually interesting, your deck or patio could just become your favorite bonus room of your home. Another cool option is to personalize your bricks and pavers or even adding a familiar pattern. Those subtle outdoor artistic touches can make a big impact on the overall feel. 

Small and Sneaky 

What better way to sneak some extra art in than by thinking small. The joy of using smaller works of art around your home is that typically the price point is smaller too. Giving you the perfect opportunity to support your favorite artists and have completely unique pieces you’ll love. 

Where can you sneak art in? Besides the obvious answer of anywhere you want there are lots of fun and whimsy places to add art. Having art hiding behind bookshelves and in cupboards is one idea that many people have incorporated into their homes with awesome results. Don’t ignore those smaller walls in your home that may be screaming out to be adorned. 

Smaller art prints can be propped up on mini easels or hung giving you the flexibility to add smaller pops of flair throughout your living areas. One spot you may be forgetting to decorate is your laundry room. So if you’re laundry area or mudroom is lacking try adding some smaller works of art to complete your decor. 

To Wrap Up

No matter what style of art you like, splashy photography, subdued oil paintings, dreamy watercolors, or bold abstracts, you can add art to new places in your home to make your living area feel more fun and decorated. Have fun discovering new artists and allowing your living spaces to express your personality.