Gadgets and Devices that people like a lot in 2013


To be modern today you must have latest popular hi-tech deices and gadgets. We make a list of most popular devices in 2013. People love Apple products like iPhone, iPad and MacBook Laptops but also we have some other products from Samsung that are on the same level with Apple, like Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone and Samsung Gear. Google is coming with new concept of using technology with Google Glass. We are not finish if we don’t mention playing consoles like Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation.

Technology goes fast and we have new versions of products we love and use every year sometimes twice a year. So what you can do? Just buy new version and throw away the old one? NO. There are a lot of services where you can sell your old version and add some money to buy new one. We found service MusicMagpie that is great to get some money for you old devices. You can sell whatever you want that have some value.

Check out our list of popular devices in 2013

Google Glass

Apple iPad Air

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Apple MacBook Air

Samsung Galaxy S4

iPhone 5s

Nintendo Wii U Console

PlayStation 4