Garage Tips and Tricks For Making It A New Living Space


You no longer use your garage to park your vehicle – you have a new shed for that purpose. But because your garage is very large, you want to make use of it. You don’t want this investment to turn into a waste. This is why you decided to turn your garage into a new living space. You think that this is one of the best ways you can transform your garage. After this project is done, you’re looking forward for your friends and family to spend time and have fun in your new living space. And while you already have that vision in mind, you still don’t have any idea on how to start this renovation project. You’ve haven’t done anything like this in the past so starting on your own can become a challenge.Turning garages into new spaces can be a very fulfilling experience as a homeowner. For one, this is a cheap way of adding another room in the house, and second, you’re actually “recycling” a room for another purpose. To help you turn your garage into a new living space, consider these tips below:

  • Have a plan: Sure, you might know what you want your garage to look like but do you know the steps to achieve that goal? This is why a plan is important. Decide what theme you’re going to follow in your new living space. If you’ll be using furniture in the space, determine if you’ll purchase or make use of old pieces inside the house. Your plan should also detail out how much you’re willing to spend for the renovation, how much time you should spend and to what extent you’ll change your garage.
  • Consider ventilation: When your garage was still used for your vehicle, it was okay not having any ventilation at all. But since you’ll be using the room as a new living space, ventilation is something which you should think about. If you want to spend hours here, make sure that it’s properly ventilated. You can do this on your own or call the help of professionals. Regardless of what option you’ll take, your new living space should be comfortable for everyone to use – it should provide the cool or warmth that you and your family will need.
  • Add electrical wiring: Your garage wasn’t originally built to become a living space – it was built for vehicles, not for you. This is why you should add electrical wiring in the room. Scout for electricians in your area and hire one which suits your needs and budget. Make sure that all of these wirings will be placed accordingly and that none are hanging from the ceiling. Your living space should not only be comfortable but should be safe as well.
  • Think about the flooring: The floors on your new living space can make or break its ambiance. If you settle for a cemented floor (the ones your garage has right now) for your new room, it might take away the feeling of coziness. You can steer away from this direction by using carpeted or tiled floors. With the number of varieties available in the market, for sure, there’ll be a flooring option perfect for your theme.
  • Replace your garage door: Since you’re following a theme in your new living space, your garage door can play a role in its look. If you think the garage door you have right now takes away the theme, consider replacing it. You can opt to buy Costco doors because these are cheap and comes in different styles and designs. You’ll be surprised how a small change can have a significant impact on your new living space!

In Conclusion

As a homeowner, you would always want your property to look good and your house to be useful. And turning your garage into a new living area is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. Some of the tips presented in this article might be taxing to do, but all of your efforts will be worth it in the end. How this new living space will be useful to you, your family and friends can serve as your motivation. Follow these tips, have fun while doing it and for sure, your garage will look good as a new living space!

George Anderson

George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. He writes for sites like Shop Garage Door. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.