Gardening Basics: Useful Tips for Absolute Beginners


Growing your veggies is pretty simple, and is not so demanding to understand the basics of gardening. Nowadays, people are getting back to gardening jobs since the food pollution is in a constant increase and the prices of organic food are constantly rocketing. If you are an absolute beginner, then gardening will be a daunting job for you, since there is some time and effort that should be invested. Regardless of the size of your garden, each and every one of them should be groomed properly. Here are some useful pieces of advice you can use for your first gardening steps. 

Type of Garden 

The first step in establishing your garden is to choose the type of garden it would be. Whether it would be a beautiful garden full of scented flowers, herb garden for young chefs, a small oasis of tasty veggies, or just hanging baskets, it is the best advice for the beginners to start with a small garden until they grasp the idea of how the gardening functions, and then gradually grow their oasis. 

If you want to play a safe card before you start your gardening journey, then establishing a hanging baskets garden is the best way for you to learn how the entire gardening thing functions. 

Firstly, you need to find the baskets, wires, and hooks that are sturdy and strong enough to support the baskets once they get heavy. Once filled with the contents, baskets tend to be heavier than you expected, so you need strong materials for support. 

Secondly, you need to line the insides of the basket with a liner made out of cardboard or fresh moss. It is mandatory to place a saucer at the bottom of the basket to prevent water drainage. 

The next thing you need to do is to decide on the plants you want to plant. If you want your home to look like a small flower oasis, then you should pick sun-loving flowers, and hang them in sunny spots. As explained by the folks behind Urban Organic Yield, if you do not understand these concepts, then you can always grab plentiful information on the websites which offer you useful advice and explanations for beginners. You must feed the soil every week because the plants planted by using this method absorb the nutrients quite quickly. Additionally, there is slow-absorbing compost which will release nutrients slowly. Plants planted by this method will last for six months. 


For beginners, it is important to own only the basic gardening tools. Fortunately, the market is loaded with numerous gardening tools which will help you establish your small plant kingdom. 

The Essentials

The one you are starting with is the pruning shears. They are an absolute must-have in every garden. These are used for cutting off the back branches and bushes as well as the plant health maintenance, therefore for cutting off the dead flower heads and branches. Depending on the size of your plants, another very useful tool is a pair of looping pruners. These come with longer holders and are much stronger. Looping pruners are used for the bigger plants. 

Digging and Raking

In order for you to start gardening, you will need a set of soil preparation tools. For these gardening actions, you will need, at least, one spade, a garden fork, and a trowel. Spade and trowel are used for digging up the holes in the ground for the new plants to be planted, while the fork is used for breaking down huge clumps of soil and cleaning up grounds from remains of the previously grown plants. Metal and plastic rakes are the next items on the list you will need for perfect gardening. Metal rakes are used for soil preparation and for removing stones and older roots. Plastic or soft rakes are used for garden and lawn maintenance. 


Your plants will not make it without water, and you cannot count only on rain to do its job. Without water, your plants will be sad and scrubby. For your garden to always be luxuriant and green, you must use proper watering tools, and these are watering hoses and watering cans. Watering hoses are perfect for some bigger tasks and bigger plants, like trees and established plants. Watering cans are perfect for hanging basket gardens, herbs, and some smaller plants. 


You have already put so much effort into establishing your beloved garden, so you do not want it destroyed or endangered with some third-party plants. Fork trowel and gardening knife will help you pluck out some weeds invading your garden. 

Gardening is not so difficult, you just need to learn some basic steps, and all the dots connect.