Genius Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


The kitchen is the place where we prepare our food, which means that it can easily get messy. But when you know the right cleaning hacks, no stain or spill can be a nightmare to you because you can easily get rid of it. So, since we are always here for you to give you the best hacks and tricks for everything, today, we are bringing to you some genius kitchen cleaning hacks that will make your life easier for sure. Check them out and let us know which one did you find the most useful.

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Mix 1 Tbsp Of Tartar And Hot Water To Clean The Toaster

The stainless toaster can loose its shine after some time, so if you want to bring that shine back you should clean it with a mixture of hot water and 1 tbsp of tartar.

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Lemon And Salt To Clean The Cutting Board

The easiest way to clean the cutting board is with some epsom salt and lemon. Add some salt and then rub the board with a half of lemon.

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Clean Baking Sheet With Baking Soda And Peroxide

Baking sheets can get greasy and dirty after some time, so you should mix some baking soda and peroxide to make them shine again.

baking-sheet clean with baking soda and peroxide
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Clean Refrigerator With Baking Soda And Hot Water

The baking soda can do wonders and you can clean everything with it. Mix it with some hot water to clean the refrigerator.

clean refrigerator with baking soda and hot water
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How To Shine A Stainless Sink

The sink can also get dirty and the easiest way to make it shine is with the use of baking soda. Here is a step-by-step pictorial of how to clean it.

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Fight Oil With Oil

Maybe you will find this weird but the right way to fight oil stains is with oil. Put a couple of drops of oil on a paper towel, wipe the paper towel over the greasy surface, and see the gunk coming off.

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Clean Up Spills Easily

To clean up spills easily from the refrigerator shelves cover them with Press’n’Seal paper.

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Get Rid Of Greasy Cabinets

Here is a step by step guide of how to easily clean greasy cabinets.

how to get rid of greasy cabinets
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How To Easily Clean A Blender

The easiest way to clean a blender is with the use of soap and water. Put some in the blender, turn on the blender, then rinse it off and the blender is ready for usage again.

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Clean A Burnt Pots With Vinegar And Soda

The cleaning of the burnt pans and pots can be your nightmare, but if you try using baking soda and white vinegar you can easily make it shine again.

how to clean burnt pots
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Remove Coffee Stains From A Cup

The baking soda can be also used for cleaning the coffee stains from a cup.

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Soak The Sponge And Microwave It To Kill Bacteria

This is definitely something that you should do after using the sponge for several times.

sponge in the microwave to clean bacteria
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Keep The Sponges Dry And Mildew Free With A Binder Clip

Binder clips are not only for the office. They can be used to keep the sponge dry and mildew free.

keep the sponges dry and mildew free with a binder clip
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Make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again With Vinegar

Just like the baking soda, the vinegar is also perfect for cleaning your home. Use it to make the cloudy glasses shine again.

from cloudy to sparkle glasses
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Ammonia Burners For Tile

The right way to clean the tile is to pour a small amount of ammonia burner and wrap it in plastic. Leave it like that for a night and then simply wipe them off with a dry cloth.

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Fix Porcelain Damage

If you want to get rid of porcelain damage use Liquid Bar Keepers Friend with a damp sponge and little elbow grease. For the really tough scratches, you can also add a bit of the powdered version and apply a little more elbow grease. The result will amaze you.

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Clean A Dishwasher With Kool-Aid

When it comes to cleaning the dishwasher, forget about fancy cleaners because you can use a package of lemonade Kool-Aid. Pour it into the detergent cup and run the dishwasher empty.

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The above kitchen cleaning hacks will give your kitchen a deep clean, so we bet that you will find them really useful. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other hacks, tips and tricks that will make your life easier.