Genius Organization Hacks That Will Double The Space In The Closet


Possessing good organization skills is what we all need in order to keep our lives simpler. We need such skills in all areas of our lives, such as organizing our time, work duties, and of course when organizing our clothes. So, if you think that you don’t possess such skills, don’t worry but keep on reading because you are on the right place to find some Genius Organization Hacks That Will Double The Space In The Closet.

The right way to organize the custom closet is to get the most of the space available, which means that you should use all types of storage – horizontal, vertical and of course corner. The back of the closet door should be used for adding some rails, shelves or simple hooks where you can hang some of your clothes or accessories. Also, when organizing your stuff in drawers, you can insert some dividers and thus keep them clutter-free. Go ahead now and check out the closet organization hacks that we have chosen for you today and do not hesitate to incorporate them in your closet too.

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From Wiry Slobs To Hanging Rods

Here is an idea for you of how to use wiry slobs as hanging rods. Find out how to do it on the link below the photo.

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T-Shirt Drawer Organization

If you store your T-shirts in a drawer, then this is the right way of how to fold them and organize them in order to get the most of the space available.

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DIY Closet Tags

You can plan what you are going to wear during the upcoming days, by placing a tag on a hanger. This can be really useful if you have kids and thus plan how they are going to dress for school during the week.

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Use A Tub From Soda Can To Double The Closet Space

The next time you open a soda can, don’t throw away the tub because you can use it to double the space in your closet. Simply loop one hole through one hanger and then slip another hanger in the bottom hole to double the space for free!

double hangers
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Use A Tie Hanger As A Tank Top Holder

Also, you can use a tie hanger to hold all of your tank tops at one place.

Tank Top Hanger LDC
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DIY Slide Out Scarf Organizer

Here is an idea for you of how to make a scarf storage that slides out for easy access.

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DIY Scarf And Accessory Hanger

And here is one more way of how to organize your scarves on one hanger with the use of several shower rings.

DIY Scarf and accessory organzier
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DIY No Slip Hangers

In order to prevent your clothes from falling off the hangers, you should use some scrap yarn. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how you can do it in about 10 minutes.

no slip hange
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Hang Sweater Like This To Prevent Them From Falling Off

And this is the right way to hang a sweater that won’t fall off.

sweater on hanger
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DIY Hanger To Keep Your Pants Creaseless

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to insert an insulation tubing on a hanger that will keep your pants creaseless.

hanger for creaseless pants
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DIY Hanging Bra Organizer

This is one of the proper ways of how to organize your bras.

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Store Bras And Underwear In Shoe Organizer

Also, a shoe organizer hanged on the back of the closet door can be used for storing your bras and underwear.

store bra and underwear
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DIY Wood Jewelry Blocks

And if you are missing a place for storing your jewelry, then you can try to make these wood blocks.

diy wood jewelry blocks
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DIY Clutch Organizer

A simple kitchen lid rack can be used as a clutch organizer.

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Hang All Of Your Shades On A Hanger

And to prevent your shades from scratching, hang them on a hanger.

hang shades
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DIY Grid Shoe Storage Display

You can store your shoes on one such gridwall wire mesh.

diy shoe storage copy
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DIY Space Saving Shoe Rack

Or you can make this space saving shoe rack with the use of cardboard and duct tape.

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These were just some of the many organization hacks that can help you get the most of the space available in your closet and we hope that you liked them. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other tips and tricks that can make your life easier.