Get full guide on new Compact Router Combo


What is the most quintessential tool or equipment that gets used in the modern woodshop? It is a wood router. Irrespective of the working of a woodworking project, there is a good chance you can call for a smooth operation that brings forth desired results. No matter whether you are applying ½” round over or creating cathedral raised the panel, it would serve you with right results.

With some routers available in the market, the DEWALT DWP611PK is the favorite choice of the crafters. However, for the newcomers, it becomes extremely difficult to pick the appropriate router. So, we have provided a guide on selecting the right router with key features.

On which factors you can select the right tool?

Given below are certain factors that need to be looked upon while you get ahead to buy the right sort of tool for wood project

Speed options– In the market, you will find both single-speed as well as variable speed operated router. However, the individual should pick the router that gives off the ability to adjust speed based on the type of operation, species of wood, bit diameter. Thus this helps in increasing the quality of working and ensures that it doesn’t affect the environment.

Router classification-

The router is made available in various motor size configurations as goes with most tools.

Palm router- this type of router provides compact size typically with one horsepower for impressive performance. They are ideal for hinge mortising, slot cutting, trimming, edge forming, decorative inlays, window cutouts, and small scale dovetailing. It doesn’t have any limitation that uses ¼” however; it is not at all suitable for larger operations.

Mid-size router- the mid-size router range from 1 Hp – ¾ Hp and is the most popular size available in the market. It offers a feature like the ease of operation and versatility. It can handle various operations that include everything such as panel cutting, circle cutting, template design, large-scale dovetailing and circle cutting. It can accept ¼” and ½” with multiple bases. It offers the majority of router accessories along with another class router.

Full-size router- the full-size router contributes immensely to router family. They are typically available with 3 Hp and 3-1/4 Hp; they get designed with appropriate finishing. It has massive size and can be used for everyday handheld operations.

Base style-

You can select the base style in accordance with motor size. In the market you will find various styles, you can select the base style as per your purpose or need or project style. Given below are some basic base style can be picked in accordance with the work type-

The fixed base- fixed base is considered the standard or conventional base. They typically have knobs or fixed handles on either side of the base for guiding and holding the router. They can be mounted to the router easily and has to limit edge routing application. The applications in which it works well in guide bushings such as box joint jigs and dovetail. The ring style depth regulator is often the base style specialty.

Plunge base- the plunge base is the most versatile base that can be used in comparison to fixed based style for various applications. The plunge base is ideal for working like fluting, dado cuts, blink grooves, and mortising operations. The motor allows the base style to move down and up on spring-loaded columns. The plunge base offers multiple depth settings.

D-handle base- instead of using two knobs you can make use of d shaped handle that offers to lock off/on the switch and pistol-grip control.

If you require multiple bases you need to keep in mind, that you buy a combination of kit with a plunge and fixed base. A router which offers the high degree of versatility and functionality can serve your purpose the best.

How to get the best and perfect router?

The router is available in several featuresets and sizes that can take up different positions under the workshop. The modern trim router can offer fully featured small scaled and tackling routing with template routing as well as joinery milling. The very best router can be picked well on features, sizes, prices, and step back consideration.

However, it is seen that new Compact Router Combo best friend, the DEWALT DWP611PK, Rxtooler’s favorite wood router is the appropriate router. It offers surprising cutting ability with a relatively small package. This router basically helps in softening the sharp edges; the trim router can be easily machined well. It is not only compact but also affordable and nicely appointed. They can easily stand on board for trim off laminate or edge banding; however, they are powerful enough to grasp small profiling bits. You can easily grasp the trim router that can be ideal for small dadoes, cutting hinge mortises and fine joinery.

This combo router has both plunge and fixed base that maximizes the options for shop machining. You can even provide with the motor pack in both fixed as well as plunge base. The base can be capable of doing precise and accurate work due to the availability of full-featured. The very first advantage of this combo kit is that the mounted base can be handheld easily.

It is an excellent router that doesn’t compromise with quality. Some of the other features of it are electronic feedback circuitry, variable speed, soft start, spindle lock, and table adjustment.


This article has provided you enough information or data on the wood router; you can yourself decide which router will suit you the best based on speed, and motor type. It can be the most versatile tool or equipment that can be operated well in the shop. It can help you to get most of the woodworking; it can very well join the boards. Holding the workpiece is much more suitable and durable with a flush trim bit. You can easily store straightedge against the wall. You can easily shape thick parts and the height of the surface can be patterned well.