Get in a ‘Work From Home’ Routine


Work from home has become our new way of working. Blame it on the ‘Covid-19’. He made the mess. And now we are looking for the best optimal ways to stay productive during our stay home. Since staying home for some period was the only way for the companies to proceed with their work activities, it was our duty to adapt to this new way of accomplishing the daily tasks. We really miss our colleagues. The after-work parties. The coffee breaks. And we sacrifice all that for the sake of every one of us.

If you stand for the routine, I assume this situation brought many changes in productivity. Some of us really got into the new schedule or made their own, but there are a lot of people, that still can accommodate this way. This article is for those that needed more time to flex to what pandemic has served us, and for those who still need it. I really hope that everyone needs to read these cool tips, to get used to the home working environment, get organized, and increase the overall productivity.

1. Find a working place

Not having an office at home, can really bother you during these times. A few have. But that doesn’t mean you should quit the job. You can create a nice atmosphere at home, by finding a place that you feel cozy working in, and be more focused. Find a room available, where no one will distract you while working. Use it only for work. Don’t have your meals there. From time to time make regular breaks, and put some outfit that will make you feel like being in an office. Set your lighting and all the other office equipment you need.

2. Make a working schedule

Waking up at the same time every morning is really important when it comes to this kind of work. Set an alarm to wake up early and just start working. If you start late, it will be harder for you to get the work done. Wake up every morning at the same time and have regular breaks, as you did in the office. Just stick to the schedule you made and everything will be okay. Even putting ‘scrolling on social media’ as a task can make you more productive.

3. Exercise

Just a simple stretch can do a lot for your productivity. Get in a routine to stretch every hour, for only 10 min. You will feel less stressed, and quickly come up with new ideas and solutions on your next ‘Zoom’ meeting. Even better if you can take more time to regain the energy, cardio, some pilates session, or a quick walking getaway with your dog. Treat yourself with some nice sports sitting chair, like a pilates ball.

These tips can make you organized and focused to get work done, but if you have any other methods you use to stay in the working game, even better. Just find the perfect routine for you and stay safe at home.