Get the Best of Your Paint by Numbers Kit


Have you already bought a paint by numbers kit? No, it is not a new game for kids or teenagers. It is a new way of spending cold autumn evenings for the adults.

A paint by numbers kit is a set of essentials for every adult, who has always wanted to become an artist, but couldn’t do it because of the absence either the education required or the talent to create like Picasso or Monet. Having a set of numbered canvas and paints, you can create pictures similar to what you see in the galleries and magazines. Already interested? Preorder one of the newest painting kits for adults at the specialised website to receive a kit before next weekend.

If you have never heard of a paint by numbers kit before, you probably have a lot of questions. What is this kit about? How many items will you receive? And how to use it to get a perfect result?

Paint by Numbers Explained

A paint by numbers kit for adults is a set of everything needed to recreate a picture you want. Similar to a sewing kit, here you pick a picture and get all the essentials required to recreate it by yourself.

You get:

  • Numbered canvas;
  • Numbered pigments;
  • Brushes;
  • Frame;
  • Screws and angles.

The instructions are also included. But contrary to a sewing kit, you don’t have to draw well to get the same result as at the picture you get. You just have to match the numbers on the canvas and the colors of the pigments. Of course, there won’t be two identical pictures by two different people even if the sets are the same. While painting, you can water the paint down to get the consistency and result you want.

To get your first picture from the kit done well, follow a few recommendations below.

  • Start with darker colors. Sometimes, the colors have to be layered a couple of times to achieve the result you want. If you start with darker colors, you’ll immediately see if the colors require layering or not. So, you won’t have to come back to the same pigments later as it happens with lighter shades.
  • Don’t use all the paint. Leave some extra paint in the tube as you may miss a few numbers while working on your picture. You’ll find it later when all of the numbered parts will be colored except a few, which you’ve accidentally missed.
  • Don’t switch between different numbers all the time. Pick the darkest area and work on it only. Then, switch to the lighter area and so on.
  • Before working on a picture, study it well. Look at all the colors you have. Where are they in the picture?
  • Don’t buy your own brushes before doing one painting at least. See if you really like it and whether you want to continue painting by numbers. Only then you can think of buying extra brushes if you really need them.

So, go ahead. Get your first kit and create a work of art that is going to wow everyone around.